Pim Tuyls
Chief Executive Officer

Pim Tuyls is the Founder and CEO of Intrinsic ID. He initiated the work on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) that forms the basis of Intrinsic ID’s silicon fingerprinting technology. The original work on PUFs was carried out at Philips Research, where Pim was Principal Scientist and managed the cryptography cluster. In 2008 he founded Intrinsic ID and led the technology development.

Pim has headed the company since 2010 and raised new funding in 2012 to address the growing market of mobile and IoT security. In 2015 he moved the headquarters from the Netherlands to Silicon Valley.

Pim Tuyls holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from Leuven University, holds 50+ patents and is widely accepted for his work in the field of SRAM PUFs and security for embedded applications.

Geert-Jan Schrijen
Chief Technology Officer

Geert-Jan Schrijen received his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente in December 2000 on the topic of “active noise cancellation with multiple loudspeakers.” In April 2001 he joined the security group of Philips Research in Eindhoven where he worked on digital rights management, low-power authentication protocols, private biometrics and Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs). Work on the latter topic resulted in the spin-off of Intrinsic ID in October 2008.

As a senior algorithm designer within Intrinsic ID, Geert-Jan focused on the development of signal processing algorithms and security architectures for embedded systems using PUF technology.

In 2011 Geert-Jan became responsible for all development and engineering work at Intrinsic ID in his role of VP Engineering. In August 2016 he was appointed CTO of the company.