What is the PATRIOT Project?

PATRIOT (PUFs: Anchors of Trust in Resource ConstraIned EnvirOnmenTs) will develop a prototype for IoT Security based on PUF-SRAM technology. The focus is on authentication and security for resource constrained IoT devices.PATRIOT_4C

Project Objectives

PATRIOT will provide a secure and convenient alternative for outdated and inconvenient passwords for services ranging from e-banking to web services to eID and social apps. In addition, Intrinsic-ID will provide a software development kit (SDK) that enables organizations like internet startups, banks, government agencies, universities and corporate IT departments to develop their own PUF-enabled apps for banking, authentication, data gathering and cloud services. Ultimately, consumers will be the biggest benefactor to the PATRIOT project. When PUF-enabled applications become available they will replace passwords with a more secure and user-friendly way to manage security.

Project Partners

Project Details

Start date Q3-2015
End date Q3-2017
Project Cost  1.16mln EUR
Project funding  0.54 mln EUR
Programme: EUROSTARS-2 programme with co-funding from EU Horizon 2020