What is the PUFFIN project?


The PUFFIN (Physically Unclonable Functions Found IN standard PC components) project intends to study and show the existence of Physical Unclonable Functions such as SRAM PUFs in standard PCs, laptops, mobile phones and consumer electronics. With this study the project will be the first of its kind to go public. The mere existence of physical properties that depend on a component and are reproducible is only the first step to guarantee appropriate robustness, reliability and randomness properties for use as secret keys or trust anchors in mass-market applications.

Project Objectives

By uncovering the security properties of PUFs in standard components such as graphical processing units, central processing units and PCI connectors, this project will provide the first intrinsic and long-wanted basis for security in everyone’s most common computing platforms: standard PCs, mobile devices and similar hardware. This new root of trust in turn adds security for mass-market applications, replacing or complementing the role of a trusted platform module and enabling security for applications such as broadcast applications, content protection for the gaming industry and secure day-to-day transactions for everyone. The results of the project will allow for the first time an a priori open platform, the most difficult element to secure in an information-technology system today, to inherit security properties from its own identity and its intrinsic physical properties.

Project Partners

Project Details

Start date 2012-02-01
End date 2015-01-31
Project Cost 1.300.000.- EURO
Project funding 1.000.000.- EURO
Programme acronym FP7-ICT
Programme Type Seventh Framework Programme
Sub programme area High-Tech Research Intensive SMEs in FET research
Learn more: http://puffin.eu.org/