What is the RATE project?

The RATE (Reliability Assessment and TEst methods for anti-counterfeiting technology) project aims firstly at modeling the impact that process variation, environmental parameters and aging have on SRAM PUFs and their reliability. Secondly it addresses the security vs. testability issue for PUF based secure key storage technology, aiming at the development of a secure design for testability.

Project Objectives

The goal of the RATE project is to model SRAM memory in terms of its startup behavior, such that the influence of design parameters and environmental factors can be predicted and investigated. This is important knowledge for building products like SRAM-PUF based secure key storage systems. The two main objectives of the project are:

  • The development of tools for the reliability evaluation and assessment of SRAM PUF based products, focusing on the reliability and modeling of SRAM startup values;
  • The development of a ‘secure’ design for testability approaches that provide enough access to the chip (to guarantee higher fault coverage) while keep the secret information within the chip protected from counterfeiting.

Project Partners

Project Details

Start date 2012-04-01
End date 2014-05-01
Programme Type Point One – NL
Sub programme area University-Industry Interaction project