What is the UNIQUE Project?


UNIQUE (Foundations for Forgery-Resistant Security Hardware) is a European funded project that aims at developing novel hardware components that can be uniquely identified in order to avoid unauthorized malicious counterfeiting.

Project Objectives

The UNIQUE project tends to increase the protection of hardware systems against counterfeiting, cloning, tampering, reverse engineering and insertion of malicious components. UNIQUE is to provide novel, strong, cost-effective and efficiently deployable technological means that: are sufficiently robust to provide high assurance for authenticity and trustworthiness of hardware components,allow for monitoring and auditing hardware after delivery by the manufacturer, and exploit physical properties at the (deep-) submicron and nano-scale of the underlying hardware. In particular the use of Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) will be investigated.

Project Partners

Project Details

Start date 2009-09-01
End date 2012-05-31
Project Cost 4.215.027.-EURO
Project funding 2.954.221.- EURO
Programme acronym FP7-ICT
Programme Type Seventh Framework
Programme Sub programme area System for hardware protection