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Embedded Security Engineer

Job Category: Software Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Eindhoven

Job Description

You take up security responsibilities in the development and improvement of our HW and embedded SW products. Tasks are both analytical, analyzing the security of existing constructions, as well as constructive, proposing new or improved security mechanisms and solutions. The focus is primarily on embedded security aspects (side-channel/fault attacks, physical security, HW/SW implementations of cryptography, platform security, etc.) and more generally on applied security (cryptographic schemes and protocols, security standardization, etc.). You will approach dedicated tasks and topics in an in-depth and technology-driven manner, exhibiting and expanding your expertise in these domains. You will be working closely with our security architects who oversee the secure design of our products, and you will help them in guiding the HW and SW engineers during development, as well as supporting the field engineers and sales team in taking our technology to the market.


  • Analyze and report on embedded security aspects of current and new designs (side-channel/fault leakage, secure integration, standard compliance, etc.)
  • Investigate and propose new or improved security design aspects (countermeasures, optimizations, new application requirements, etc.)
  • Design, document and manage the development of embedded security aspects for our HW and/or SW teams (together with security architects)
  • Technical lead and/or support in standard compliance and certification tracks
  • Technical lead and/or support in security validation tracks
  • Technical support on relevant topics in customer engagements (pre-sales, development)

Required Experience and Skills

  • PhD in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering
    • Specialization in embedded security/cyber security is a plus
  • Professional experience ≥ 3 years in relevant domains
    • Experience/expertise on side-channel attacks/countermeasures is a plus
    • Experience with security compliance or validation processes is a plus
  • Good understanding of basic cryptography and cryptographic primitives
    • Experience with NIST/FIPS security standards is a plus
  • Good understanding of HW and SW security aspects of embedded systems
    • Proficiency in embedded SW development (C) is a plus
    • Proficiency in digital hardware design (VHDL and or Verilog) is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, including presentation and documentation writing
    • Experience with technical/scientific writing is a plus
  • Strong analytical mind, ability to independently find and process technical and scientific information

Other Appreciated Qualities

  • Experience with SW implementation and testing on microcontrollers (such as NXP, ST, or other ARM based platforms)
  • Experience with HW implementation and testing on FPGAs (such as Xilinx, Intel/Altera, Microchip/Microsemi)
  • Experience with TVLA and/or other side-channel leakage assessment methods, and with side-channel testing toolchains (e.g. ChipWhisperer)
  • Experience with collecting, analyzing, and tracking technical requirements, e.g. from customer input, or from standards
  • Affinity with Python
  • Affinity with Matlab

Soft Skills

  • Independent mindset: ability to take on large/complex tasks by yourself, under guidance of architects/experts, and proactively reporting on your progress
  • Excellent problem-solving skills: ability to tackle complex problems with an analytical mindset and scientific rigor, without loosing sight of technical feasibility and commercial value
  • Professional disposition: able and willing to work in a team of motivated professionals and able to take responsibility for own tasks within this team
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with an open mind
  • Able to think outside of the box: find unexpected ways to solve problems or meet requirements
  • Dynamic drive to contribute to a larger goal (building a company)

At Intrinsic ID, you will work in a multi-cultural and technically challenging environment. Since Intrinsic ID is present in multiple geographies, occasional overseas travel is part of the job.

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