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Celebrating 5 years at Intrinsic ID: Georgios Selimis

Intrinsic ID has offices on three different continents and these offices are populated by colleagues from all around the globe. With a diverse team of driven and skilful professionals, Intrinsic ID is able to innovate the hardware security landscape with its Physical Unclonable Function technology.

Today it is time to put the spotlight on one of our wonderful colleagues, Dr. Georgios Selimis. Georgios works as a Senior Project Manager in our R&D office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and celebrates his fifth anniversary at Intrinsic ID in January 2021.


Georgios Edited2Congratulations on this milestone, Georgios! Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Georgios: Thank you! So, let me tell you a bit about my background, I grew up in Greece and I completed my electronics engineering studies in Greece as well. After my graduation, I started looking for career opportunities around the world. So, I decided to move to the Netherlands and specifically to Eindhoven, a city with strong innovation and industrial focus over the last decades or better over the last century. As a result, I have been working in Eindhoven area since 2008 on cutting edge technology projects in companies with an international focus. Since 2016, I am happy to work for Intrinsic ID on innovative security projects for the upcoming market of billions of interconnected internet devices. Keeping a good life-work balance is very important for me, so in my free time I go running and I enjoy cooking for my family and my friends.

When you came to work for Intrinsic ID five years ago, what was your specific motivation to choose our company? And has it met your expectations?

Georgios: Being a security engineer myself, of course I knew Intrinsic ID for the fundamental and revolutionary contributions on the device identification. Obviously, I choose Intrinsic ID due to the technology itself and the big potential that this technology has on the upcoming interconnected devices market. The company focus is also important for me. At Intrinsic ID, we are building IPs which are the “security root” of the microprocessors designed by the top semiconductor companies in the world, such as Intel, NXP, Microchip and Silicon Labs.

My expectations have definitely been met over the last 5 years! I like the context of the projects that I am working on a lot and I have seen Intrinsic ID growing and getting more and more design wins. As a result, Intrinsic ID technology has been integrated in more than 200 million of devices and we are now focusing on our new milestone of 1 billion of devices. To achieve this, we need to innovate continuously.


As a project manager and team lead in the research team at Intrinsic ID, you are at the forefront of the innovation being created by our company. I assume this means you have seen many very interesting developments over the last five years. Is there anything in particular that stands out to you?

Georgios: Over the last years, we have achieved fitting our IP in a very lightweight devices fulfilling high reliability and entropy requirements. This is possible only with the teamwork of a multidisciplinary team with expertise on electronics, testing, data analysis, information theory and cryptography. Moreover, we have designed several Proof of Concepts to enter in the markets of medical and critical infrastructures focusing on device security, data authentication and end-to-end connectivity. Presenting PoCs to customers and getting market positive feedback is a nice recognition.


As you are originally from Greece, you have been living in The Netherlands for quite some years now. How do you like it here in Eindhoven? Is life in The Netherlands treating you well?

Georgios: My main motivation to leave my country was to work in the high-tech industry and Eindhoven met my expectations. The city is doing excellent job and welcomes thousands of new expats from all over the world, offering a great work-life balance. I like Eindhoven because it has a lot of sport facilities and there is an annual agenda with concerts, sport and art events and exhibitions. In other words, Eindhoven is a nice place to live for young people and gives opportunities for professional growth.

Definitely, the Netherlands treats me well. Except the Dutch peoples’ openness, which I really enjoy, I am living with my family in a country with a high quality educational and healthcare system.


And finally, what are your ambitions at Intrinsic ID for the next years to come?

Georgios: I see that a lot of research & development towards small technology microprocessors and this is really fascinating. There are a lot of developments towards microprocessors for artificial intelligence & cloud computing and new security challenges are coming up, including integrating our technology into small technology nodes, adopting standardizations, and certifying our technology towards critical sectors.


Thank you for great insight into your work at Intrinsic ID, Georgios. We wish you well in your upcoming projects and hope that we can continue to work with you for many years to come.

Would you like to join Georgios and become one of our new colleagues at Intrinsic ID? This is possible! We are currently expanding our R&R in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and you can find the job opening here: Don’t hesitate and join us!

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