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Intrinsic ID, authenticating everything, safeguarding the connected digital world

At ICT Proposers’ Day 2016 in Bratislava, Intrinsic-ID was awarded the prestigious EU Innovation Radar Prize 2016.

EU Commission E1494541861308
We are a Dutch SME focusing on securing the Internet of Things. Winning the Innovation Radar Prize 2016 was an important achievement for the team and a clear acknowledgement that our technology provides an important building block for securing the ever more complex and pervasive digital world.

Intrinsic-ID’s work on Physical Unclonable Functions or PUF technology was awarded  both the overall winner‘s prize and the prize in the “Excellent Science” category for its scientific achievement and the potential value it represents to the economy and society.  Intrinsic-ID’s PUF technology enables a unique electronic fingerprint to be extracted from apparently identical electronic chips. Much like the electronic equivalent of a human fingerprint, the PUF uniquely identifies and authenticates any electronic device. It uses inevitable differences appearing in the manufacturing process, to create a secure identifier. This identifier is crucial in today’s digital world for establishing secure transactions.

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