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Intrinsic-ID overall winner of EU 2016 Innovation Radar Prize

Published on 26/09/2016 by European Commission, Digital Single Market


The 2016 Innovation Radar Prize has been awarded to Intrinsic-ID, a spin-off from Philips which has developed a unique technology and has become a world leader in security systems. The winner was  announced at the European Commission’sICT Proposers Day in Bratislava, Slovakia on 26 September. Intrinsic-ID developed within the EU-funded project PUFFIN an authentication technology based on the electronic fingerprint of devices. Uncontrollable variations in the manufacturing process make each silicon chip unique, resulting in a pattern like a human fingerprint. It is impossible to make an exact clone of a chip. Intrinsic-ID has used this feature (Physical Unclonable Function) to create an innovative authentication technology. Secret keys and identifiers are extracted from chips to provide secure protection in markets such as mobile phones and the internet of things but also in government and defence applications. Intrinsic-ID was named overall Innovation Radar winner, and also won in the Innovation Radar prize for the Excellent Science category.

Commissioner Günther H Oettinger, responsible for the Digital Economy and Society, said: “Newly developed technology coming out of the lab needs to go straight into the market. The winners of the Innovation Radar competition show that this is possible, with innovations that benefit both our economy and society, creating a new generation of industrial leaders. It also proves that our focus on supporting innovation in Horizon 2020 is the right approach to strengthen Europe’s competiveness.”

For full article see European Commission publication.

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