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Intrinsic-ID’s CEO Dr. Pim Tuyls Wins Prestigious 2010 ICTRegie Award

Award Recognizes Scientific Research that has Successfully Transitioned into an Innovation

Intrinsic-ID, an emerging semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and services provider, today announced that chief executive officer and founder, Dr. Pim Tuyls, is the recipient of the 2010 ICTRegie Award. The fifth annual presentation of the ICT Regie Award took place during the National ICT Awards ceremony on April 21, 2010 at the Nieuwe Kerk church in The Hague. The ICT Regie Award recognizes scientific research that has transitioned to a successful innovation benefitting the economy or society. Tuyls won the award for developing hardware security technology innovations that are built into Intrinsic-ID’s solutions, which provide significant value to the on-going global efforts against counterfeiting of electronics.
Gerard van Oortmerssen (right), director of ICTRegie, hands over the ICTRegie Award to Geert Jan Schrijen (left) :: INTRINSIC-ID

“It is a great honor to receive this award and recognition for my hardware security innovations to prevent electronics counterfeiting,” noted Dr. Tuyls. “With counterfeiting a growing global issue, I look forward to providing continued technology advances that enable companies with effective security solutions against cloning, tampering, reverse engineering, and theft-of-service.”

A New Approach: Hardware Intrinsic Security™ Counterfeiting is a growing issue that, among others, reduces market size and damages brand reputation. The security and authenticity of electronic devices is fundamental to electronics companies and their customers for the protection of their assets. Hardware security is crucial to preventing security breaches, and a new approach to secure key storage must be adopted. HIS technology provides a new level of hardware security utilizing the inherent uniqueness in each and every silicon chip. This approach allows a device to generate a secret key only when needed and power down with no key present. Because no key is stored, attackers have nothing to find.

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