Embedded Authentication Markets

With the rapid growth of connected intelligent devices across a range of industries, the safe and secure management of information and user and device authentication has never been more critical.

User authentication is the main reason for passwords and basic encryption – but these measures are not enough because they can be easily hacked. What’s needed is advanced, two-factor user authentication that eliminates human error, provides an independent root of trust and leverages the unique features intrinsic to the devices being used.

Intrinsic ID provides device-unique data security and user authentication solutions that seamlessly enable the highest level of security, in the most cost-effective way. Intrinsic ID’s solutions are available as hard and/or soft Intellectual Property (IP) and are used by companies who want a proven, seamless, independent and cost-effective way to protect their digital assets in key market segments where digital security is essential. World-leading players in mobile devices, government and defense, smart-cards and consumer electronics are using Intrinsic ID products as a solid trust base inside their devices to ensure data security.