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Government & Defense

Government and defense organizations rely on Intrinsic ID’s security solutions to protect against breaches of highly sensitive, classified data in the most demanding environments.

Intrinsic ID’s QuiddiKey family IP provides the strongest, most industry-proven root-of-trust. These government security solutions are designed with the most serious attack scenarios in mind and are built on advanced ASIC and FPGA designs.

Harrier Jump Jet

SRAM PUF Benefits

  • Root of trust as a foundation for all layers of security
  • Highest source of entropy, best stability, reliability and performance
  • Provides anti-tamper protection against cloning, counterfeiting, overbuilding, reverse engineering and data leakage
  • Key storage, key management and crypto functionality based on SRAM PUF Technology 
  • Can be implemented on ASIC and FPGA in RTL and/or software
  • A proven track record in smartcard, government, automotive, networking and telecom industries.

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