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NXP Heralds A Secure, Contactless And Multimedia Future At MWC 2013

NXP demonstrates expanding NFC ecosystem for office, home, retail and smart city environments

NXP Semiconductors (Hall 7 Stand 7A111) will be showcasing a wide range of industry-leading mobile technology solutions at this year’s Mobile World Congress – the world’s premier mobile event. Building on its leadership in contactless technologies such as NFC and MIFARE, NXP will show a wide variety of NFC-enabled devices running innovative applications for the connected city, home, office and retail environments. NXP will also be highlighting new audio and video enhancements for mobile devices.

2013 will see the mobile ecosystem expand even further, with new innovations and applications being launched that will enhance all aspects of the mobile lifestyle. With hundreds of millions of NFC-enabled devices now available to consumers, app developers and mobile network operators will lead the way, building on initiatives such as NXP’s m-Knowledge Center in the framework of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the NFC-driven mobile payment services already being rolled out. As the leading secure element provider in the world, with its PN65 complete NFC solution used in 65% of NFC-enabled phones, NXP remains at the heart of this new mobile ecosystem, ensuring that consumers can have absolute trust in the NFC-based services available to them.

NXP will demonstrate a wide range of NFC applications and services that provide convenience and security, including:

  • MIFARE4MOBILE represents an advanced mobile ticketing solution that allows NFC-enabled smartphones to be used for ticketing applications on more than 650 contactless transport systems around the world that are based on NXP’s MIFARE technology. A similar solution was successfully tested in fall 2012 in Dubai, representing the world’s first NFC based ticketing system.
  • Think&Go NFC is the developer of the award winning NFC-Shopping™ solution deployed in some of Casino’s supermarkets in France. Think&Go NFC utilizes NXP’s NTAG NFC tag ICs integrated in supermarket shelves to change the shopping experience by bringing individualized information and promotions, coupons to the consumer right in the place of purchase. Shoppers simply tap the price tag to access information about the goods, add them to a shopping cart or submit orders for home delivery. NFC-Shopping includes NFC P2P transfer to checkout, and can work in places with no 3G or Wi-Fi access.
  • Intrinsic-ID is the world’s leading IP provider of “Hardware Intrinsic Security”, or physically unclonable functions. The company’s Saturnus® software application offers a total protection of data in the cloud. It allows users to securely access, store and share their data in the cloud, anywhere and anytime. Saturnus is the only two-factor authentication solution based on the unique combination of state of the art encryption of data and securing the data with Physically Unclonable Functions (PUF) technology in the device. At MWC Intrinsic and NXP will be showing Saturnus running on PUF implemented in NXP’s SmartMX2 chips that serve as embedded secure elements in mobile phones and tablets.
  • An NXP technology demonstrator of a smart wireless charging pad, which uses NFC to trigger “wake up,” thereby achieving true zero power consumption in standby mode.

Other demos which will be showcased by NXP include: Its award-winning TFA9887 Mobile Audio solution, which has been short-listed for the Global Mobile Awards in the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough category. At Mobile World Congress 2013, NXP will also be launching a new IC which dramatically improves the performance of micro speakers in phones, tablets, TVs and portable speakers. NXP Software (hall 7, stand 7C101) will showcase its latest LifeVibes voice and mobile multimedia software. NXP Software’s solutions allow device makers and service providers to deliver premium experiences to their customers – whatever the device, platform or service.


Supporting quotes

“NXP is once again showcasing the world’s most innovative NFC services at this year’s Mobile World Congress,” said Jeff Miles, vice president and general manager, mobile transactions product line, NXP Semiconductors. “NXP continues to provide security and contactless convenience for mobile devices, enabling the widespread adoption of mobile payments, mobile advertising and mobile content sharing. At the same time, NXP is massively enhancing the multimedia capabilities of mobile devices, driving the contactless, multimedia mobile future for us all.”

“The combination of the connected world and cloud storage offers tremendous new business opportunities but most industry observers agree that the main blocking factor for widespread use of such cloud storage services is the lack of data security in the cloud,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO at Intrinsic-ID. “By combing the encryption of Saturnus with PUF integrated in NXP’s industry leading security microcontrollers SmartMX2, we are demonstrating how to bring a substantially higher level of security of chips and applications to the mobile world.”



NFC is a market-proven, standardized technology co-invented by NXP in 2002. NXP is at the center of the NFC ecosystem, fuelling its development by partnering with almost all major handset manufacturers, mobile OS providers and applications developers. NXP is the no. 1 supplier to the identification market globally, and leverages its leadership in contactless and security technologies to provide complete mobile transaction solutions: NFC controllers, secure elements in all form factors, NFC tags and infrastructure reader ICs. Currently OEMs have selected NXP’s NFC technology for approximately 200 mobile devices

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