Asset Management and Anti-Counterfeiting Software

QUIDDICARD® is a key management and anti-counterfeiting software for remotely programming keys into ICs with Intrinsic ID’s QUIDDIKEY and BROADKEY secure key management modules. The PUF used by QUIDDICARD is available from the moment the chip is born, so QUIDDICARD can offer protection over the complete chip’s lifetime.

QUIDDICARD prevents reprogramming of secure keys by any party in the value chain and it counts the number of activated devices. As such it offers protection against overproduction and counterfeiting.

QUIDDICARD can be used to centrally control the exact amount of devices that are being programmed with a key. Programming the key can be used to activate the device or certain features of the device.

QUIDDICARD is available in software and can be implemented on any device: smartcard, hardware security module (HSM), PC or (cloud) server.

Key Benefits

  • Establishes strong trust between server (HSM) and device from the when the chip is still on the wafer
  • Protection against counterfeiting and overproduction
  • Can be used to secure remote feature activation, asset tracking and debug mode activation
  • Key codes sent by QUIDDICARD only valid for one specific device
  • QUIDDICARD can be integrated into existing asset management systems
  • Keys are protected against tampering and cloning