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Though the Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey product comes with comprehensive documentation, getting a basic understanding of this very flexible IP block can take some time. This application note will walk through the general integration flow and answer the most important integration questions. This document is not a replacement for the QuiddiKey Integration Manual; however, it gives an overview and describes a typical integration. Please consult the QuiddiKey Integration Manual for the necessary details on a specific integration.

The purpose of this application note is to provide the necessary information to perform a basic integration of any QuiddiKey variant from version 3.7.1 onward.

AN Getting Started With QuiddiKey

Contents includes:

  • A step-wise guide to integrating QuiddiKey into a design
  • Connecting QuiddiKey to an APB master interface
  • The basic functions necessary to use QuiddiKey
  • Simple usage of the Secure Output interface
  • Importing and using the QuiddiKey driver for this integration
  • Intended for Technical Professionals Using QuiddiKey as Part of a Security Solution

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