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A best practice in security design is that “a single cryptographic key shall only be used for a single purpose.” Many security applications and standards make this a strict requirement. Thus, the key-management component in a security solution needs to provide a method for generating a separate key for each different purpose that requires a secret key.

QuiddiKey, the Intrinsic ID SRAM PUF-based key-generation hardware IP, natively offers virtually unlimited key generation. By using the QuiddiKey optimized methods for multiple key generation, you will benefit from the QuiddiKey enhanced hardware security features, without the need for a standalone key generation component. This application note will highlight the details of this essential functionality of QuiddiKey and describes how to use it in a practical application.

IID AN100 Frontpage

Contents includes:

  • Deriving Multiple Keys from a Single Root of Trust
  • A Single Cryptographic Key Shall Only be Used for a Single Purpose
  • Key Derivation Function (KDF) to Create Cryptographically Separated Keys
  • QuiddiKey: Hardware IP Solution for Securing Devices Based on SRAM PUF
  • Clear Use Case Example Description
  • Intended for Technical Professionals Using QuiddiKey as Part of a Security Solution

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