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Secure key storage is an essential requisite of internet-of-things (IoT) devices. In order to protect multiple keys for different applications, a key vault that provides strong protection is required. QuiddiKey, the Intrinsic ID SRAM PUF-based key-management hardware IP, provides a foundational building block for such a key vault. Leveraging the chip-unique characteristics of SRAM start-up values, keys are protected based on these silicon-specific properties that are extremely hard to reverse-engineer.

The purpose of this application note is to show how to leverage QuiddiKey in a chip to provide a key vault for securely storing cryptographic keys from the application side.

IID AN102 Frontpage

Contents includes:

  • How to Create a Key Vault on Chip to Securely to Protect Application Keys
  • QuiddiKey: Hardware IP Solution for Securing Devices Based on SRAM PUF
  • Detailed Explanation of QuiddiKey’s Basic Operations
  • Pseudo Code Examples of All Steps Required to Create Vault
  • Clear Use Case Example Description
  • Intended for Technical Professionals Using QuiddiKey as Part of a Security Solution

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