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BK-Demo for Arm Cortex-M Core Development Boards

Explore the functionalities the Intrinsic ID BK software has to offer by installing BK-Demo on an Arm Cortex-M core development board. BK-Demo is a simulation version mimicking the behavior and functionality of the Intrinsic ID commercial product BK-Pro. This product is based on the concept of SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs), where the underlying SRAM is used as a silicon fingerprint from which device-unique keys can be derived, avoiding the need to store secret key material on chip.

BK-Demo illustrates how the BK-Pro API works and allows you to:

  • enroll a device, generate an activation code and a PUF root key.
  • derive device-unique and independent cryptographic keys from the PUF root key.
  • protect user keys by wrapping them with device-unique wrapping keys.
  • derive, for example, an ECC 256 bit private key from the SRAM PUF and compute the public key. In addition, to verify that the same keypair is reconstructed each time, even after power cycles.
  • generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and sign certificates (SSC).
  • sign and verify messages (ECDSA).
  • generate ephemeral keys to be used in secure communications (ECDH).

Important Note: BK-Demo mimics this behavior but doesn’t offer the same security level as the commercial BK product. Keys and certificates created by BK-Demo are for demonstration and evaluation purposes only and are not safe to be used in a commercial product.

BK-Demo is delivered as a compressed archive. The archive contains the following items:

  • Binary files
  • Documentation
  • Example MCUXpresso  project

The BK-Demo binary files work with Arm Cortex M0+,  M33,  M4, and  M7 core development boards.

To get started easily, we added a MCUXpresso project as an example. This project requires:

BK-Demo is subject to EU export restrictions according to Council Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009, dual-use control category 5D002.

We Value Your Suggestions

Over the course of the year we will make BK-Demo available on other platforms. Suggestions? Feel free to contact us via info[@]

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