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Fall 2022 Newsletter

As the year is ending, it is almost time to look back on 2022. Of course, the typical “Q4 Crunch” is not over yet, but it is already clear that 2022 is the best year so far in the history of Intrinsic ID. This year we are seeing an unprecedented growth across the board, and we will beat the ambitious growth targets that we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. As a CEO, I doubt that I could be any prouder of my team than I am right now, but I am also very excited to see the global industry trends that are driving the growing adoption of our technology.

Clearly, the semiconductor industry has embraced the fact that strong security originates in hardware, which makes them choose our technology as a foundation for their security. And our growth is fueled even further by trends like increasing activity around security standardization and certification for the IoT, growing concerns surrounding complex supply chains, and upcoming innovative technologies such as the use of chiplets. These are trends that will keep adding to the adoption of our technology and enable the growth of our company for years to come.

Of course, the year is not over yet, so you can count on us to come back to you in early 2023 with a complete overview of just how successful 2022 has been for Intrinsic ID. In the meantime, this newsletter offers you plenty of Intrinsic ID content to enjoy right now. Ranging from recently aired webinars with Flex Logix and Cycuity to new white papers about BK Software and a Technical Backgrounder on Zign RNG.

We are also looking forward to many in-person events coming up, now that live events can take place even in winter again. In the newsletter below, you will find more information about our participation at the Design & Reuse IP SoC Conference at the end of November. And we are very busy with making plans for many in-person events in 2023, which we will be kicking off with a booth at CES in Las Vegas in January. If you want to meet us at CES, make sure to keep reading, as below we offer a way to set up appointments at this show.

In short, there is so much going on at intrinsic ID to be excited about right now. That’s why we can’t wait to meet you at one of the upcoming events, with many more to follow in 2023.

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Pim Tuyls – CEO, Intrinsic ID



Upcoming Events
Intrinsic ID to Showcase its Security Solutions at Two Upcoming Industry Events
We are heading out on the road again, so you will be able to meet us and hear about the latest developments in-person again. For example, we will be kicking 2023 off in style as an exhibitor at CES 2023. Come and meet us in Las Vegas for at the biggest electronics convention of the year. You can schedule an appointment with our team here.

But before CES, there will also be an opportunity to hear from us in Europe. Our CTO Geert-Jan Schrijen will be speaking at the Design & Reuse IP SoC Conference in Grenoble, France on November 30. His presentation is titled “Building a Root of Trust with SRAM PUF and tRoot HSM” and will discuss the joint solution of QuiddiKey and tRoot HSM we offer with our partners from Synopsys. Register here for the IP SoC conference.

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On-Demand Webinar
Taking eFPGA Security to the Next Level
On Thursday October 13, Intrinsic ID and Flex Logix hosted a webinar about enhancing the security of eFPGA implementations by using SRAM PUF technology. This webinar is now available on demand.

This webinar will teach you:

  • The benefits of eFPGA and how it reduces power and cost.
  • How to integrate eFPGAs into your design.
  • How to secure an SoC, and specifically how to secure the contents of the eFPGA using SRAM PUF technology.

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Technical Backgrounder
Zign RNG: Using Standard SRAM to Create a Universal Approach for Adding Strong Cryptographic Randomness to Any IoT Device
Intrinsic ID Zign® RNG is an embedded software IP solution that enables device manufacturers and designers to add a random number generator to their products without the need for hardware modifications. Zign RNG is compliant with the NIST SP 800-90 standard. It implements a deterministic random bit generator as specified in NIST SP 800-90A. The DRBG is seeded by a true random seed that is harvested from the noise in the SRAM PUF. This construction follows the NIST SP 800-90B specification.

Recently, Intrinsic ID published a Technical Backgrounder about Zign RNG, which is now available for download.

White Papers

White Papers
Two New White Papers about Intrinsic ID Software
Democratizing Roots of Trust from Silicon to Software – In this white paper we explain the basics of PUF technology and show how an embedded software solution is able to leverage this technology to add a strong, secure root key to almost any IoT device, without requiring changes in the SoC’s hardware.

A Secure Vault for Every Device: IoT Security with Hardware Root-of-Trust SDK – In this white paper we explain how Root of Trust technology can be used to create a secure vault for keys and sensitive data. The solution presented in this paper is a first of its kind software SDK that can be deployed on virtually any IoT device to strengthen the security.

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PUF Cafe Episodes
Latest PUF Cafe Epsiode
The most recent PUF Cafe Episode (the ninth of the series) was aired on Wednesday September 14. This episode welcomed Jason Oberg, CTO and Co-founder of Cycuity, who discussed some of the common PUF use cases and some of the implementation mistakes that should be avoided when building systems around them. He also shared how using techniques based on information flow can be extremely effective at identifying weaknesses early in the design process to prevent vulnerabilities.

You can find his presentation along with the previous eigth episodes in the PUF Cafe Episode archive.

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