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How to Protect Sensitive Data with SRAM PUFs

While 2020 created enormous challenges and shifted life and businesses on-line, it also elevated the need to protect the integrity of our data and privacy. Protecting sensitive data and securing communications can only be done with security solutions that are rooted in the hardware of the devices we use and that scale well over the different technologies. This webinar shows how you can utilize QuiddiKey®, the Intrinsic ID hardware IP based on SRAM PUF technology, to protect sensitive data and store them securely in NVM, on or off chip. We will explain how to:

  • Create a PUF root key from a chip’s silicon fingerprin
  • Derive device-unique cryptographic keys for different purposes, applications and users
  • Create a secure vault for storage of keys and sensitive data

About the Speakers

Roel 150x150

Roel Maes

Roel Maes is the Principal Security Architect at Intrinsic ID where he works on the research, development and specification of security architectures and solutions for Intrinsic ID’s products and innovations. His technical expertise is focused on PUF technology, information and coding theory, and embedded security, and he is listed as inventor on several patents. Roel holds a Master’s and PhD degree from University of Leuven in Belgium. He has co-authored over 25 papers in high-ranking international security venues, and he has published a book on the topic of PUFs.

Sven 132x150

Sven Goossens

Sven Goossens is a Senior Hardware Engineer at Intrinsic ID. His primary responsibility is the development of various hardware security IP blocks. His technical expertise includes hardware security, SRAM PUFs, mixed time-criticality embedded systems, and SDRAM controllers. He has published various papers at peer-reviewed conferences. Sven holds a Master’s and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands.

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