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Technology experts from Rambus and Intrinsic ID discuss how combining PUF technology with a hardware Root of Trust can provide robust security for data and devices. The session starts with the fundamentals of PUFs and example use cases. Then we discuss how the characteristics of PUFs and a hardware Root of Trust provide protection against would-be attackers as well as ongoing security over the life of a device.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of PUF technology
  • Understand the integration of PUF and Root of Trust solutions
  • See example use cases
About the Speakers


Roel Maes

Roel Maes is the Principal Security Architect at Intrinsic ID where he works on the research, development and specification of security architectures and solutions for Intrinsic ID’s products and innovations. His technical expertise is focused on PUF technology, information and coding theory, and embedded security, and he is listed as inventor on several patents. Roel holds a MEE (2007) and PhD (2012) degree from University of Leuven (Belgium). He has co-authored over 25 papers in high-ranking international security venues, and he has published a book on the topic of PUFs. He is a recurring program committee member at scientific venues such as CHES (IACR) and DATE (EDAA).

Scott BestScott Best

Scott Best joined Rambus in October 1998 who, while serving in many and varied technical roles, has become one of the most prolific inventors in the company’s history. Over the course of his career at Rambus, he is a named inventor on over 200 patents worldwide. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. He is a husband, a father and skeptical technophile who lives and works in Palo Alto, California.

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