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5G, networking, cloud storage, defense, smart home, automotive, and others – are looking to embedded FPGAs (eFPGA) to save power and reduce cost. All these applications demand reconfigurability with lower power/cost, but they also require strong security…

  • Are you looking to integrate eFPGA into your devices and need a better understanding of how to secure your design?
  • Do you want to understand how to encrypt the eFPGA data, so it is so secure that it is not known to anyone (not even you)?
  • In that case, this is the webinar for you!

This webinar will teach you:

  • The benefits of eFPGA and how it reduces power and cost.
  • How to integrate eFPGAs into your design.
  • How to secure an SoC, and specifically how to secure the contents of the eFPGA using SRAM PUF technology.

SRAM PUFs create device-unique keys that are never stored on devices, that cannot be copied from one device to the next, and that are not known to anyone. Use of SRAM PUFs guarantees the data used to program the eFPGA can be trusted and that it cannot be reused on malicious or counterfeit devices, which makes them ideally suited for protecting eFPGAs in security-sensitive markets.

About the Speaker

Ralph GrundlerRalph Grundler (Flex Logix)

Ralph Grundler is Senior Director of Marketing at Flex Logix, the leading supplier of eFPGA technology. An experienced business development professional, Ralph has a long history in the development and marketing of semiconductors, IP, SoCs, FPGAs, and embedded systems. Before joining Flex Logix, he worked at Synopsys, where he did marketing for Interface IP Subsystems and IP Prototyping Kits as well as business development for the Japanese market. He has done many videos and live presentations on a wide variety of technical subjects. He has 30 years of computer and semiconductor industry experience.

Foto VincentVincent van der Leest

Vincent van der Leest is Director of Marketing at Intrinsic ID, the leading supplier of security based on SRAM PUF technology. In his 13 years at Intrinsic ID he has been involved with many aspects of the company and its technology. Early on Vincent worked on the research into the company’s core SRAM PUF technology, after which he spent many years in business development and marketing roles when the company started growing. Vincent holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, and worked at ASML and Philips prior to joining Intrinsic ID.

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