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With the ever-growing number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), the need for strong security solutions for these devices continues to increase. Security in IoT should never be an afterthought, as breaches of products result in massive damages and liability claims up to tens of millions of dollars.

This white paper addresses the need for security by looking at the most fundamental assets of a connected device that need to be established: the keys and identities that are needed to protect data and authenticate devices to the network and each other. These assets are at the heart of any security architecture.

The overview sets the scene as to why and where these assets are required, presents perspectives from both chip suppliers and device makers, and compares different methodologies for generating and storing these important assets. Besides traditional methods, an additional method based on Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) is examined. We will show how the method based on PUFs offers the best combination of security, cost, flexibility and integration to create a trust anchor with unclonable and immutable keys and identities.


Wp Thumbnail Protecting Iot Invisible Keys

Contents includes:

  • Is Everything Connected? Then Everything’s at Risk!
  • Limiting the IoT Attack Surface
  • Two Perspectives on IoT Security
  • Key Generation and Secure Storage
  • Comparing the Different Methodologies

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