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Software-Based Encryption at Hardware Level for IoT Security delivered by IKV, based on Intrinsic ID’s BroadKey

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and TAIPEI, Taiwan – March 26, 2020 – Intrinsic ID, the world’s leading PUF company for security in IoT, Banking and Government, and IKV, a leading company in embedded security in Taiwan, today announced IKV has launched its software-based security solution equalling hardware level for IoT security. IKV used Intrinsic ID’s BroadKey, a secure root key generation and management software solution for IoT security that enables device manufacturers to secure their products with an internally generated, unique identity without the need for adding a costly, security-dedicated silicon.

“We had great trust in using BroadKey for this project because Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF technology for security has proven so reliable and highly secure based on our experience with its implementation on FPGAs,” said Albert Cheng, chief executive officer of IKV. “Collaborating with Intrinsic ID, we believe there is greater flexibility to use PUF in any platform and for a wide range of applications.”

IKV’s KVSoftKey enables cryptographic system deployment, intellectual property protection, IoT device management and identification, and digital copyright management. It eliminates chip integration and production processes, and offers seamless integration with MCUs from STMicroelectronics, delivering better cost control, streamlined manufacturing and improved research and development processes. For systems already embedded with secure elements, the root of trust generated by KVSoftKey serves as the access key to the secure element, optimizing security with the root key residing not in memory and generated on a need-basis only. It is also used to establish secure channels bridging secure elements, which mitigates the risk of data breach in transit among MCU and secure elements.

“We know how concerned IKV customers are when it comes to security certifications, so it’s a great testament to our team’s focus on delivering robust, reliable security that IKV chose BroadKey for this project,” said Pim Tuyls, chief executive officer of Intrinsic ID. “With IKV expertise, which enables eclectic applications and security by design, we expect BroadKey to satisfy security requirements in a wider range of contexts.”

Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) technology is the basis for deriving unclonable identities for products connected to the IoT. The company’s secure root key generation and management software solutions for IoT security enable device manufacturers to secure their products with an unclonable identity such as a unique secret root key without the need for adding a costly, standalone, security-dedicated silicon. It has been deployed in a wide variety of devices such as FPGAs, microcontrollers, sensors and server chips.

BroadKey enables IoT device manufacturers to securely anchor their connected products with a unique secret key or identity without having to add security-dedicated silicon. BroadKey, a recipient of IoT Security Product of the Year recognition in the IoT Breakthrough Awards, does not have to be loaded at silicon production but can be installed later in the supply chain, or even retrofitted on deployed devices via “brownfield” update.

“IKV and Intrinsic ID’s collaboration marks a key milestone in SRAM PUF technology,” Cheng said. “IKV believes this technology still has great potential to be unleashed and infinite possibilities to be uncovered.”


About Intrinsic ID

Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading digital authentication company, providing the Internet of Things with hardware-based root-of-trust security via unclonable identities for any IoT-connected device. Based on Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF technology, the company’s security solutions can be implemented in hardware or software. Intrinsic ID security, which can be deployed at any stage of a product’s lifecycle, is used to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors, and protect sensitive government and military systems. Intrinsic ID technology has been deployed in more than 170 million devices. Award recognition includes the Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Award, the IoT Breakthrough Award, the IoT Security Excellence Award, the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award and the EU Innovation Radar Prize. Intrinsic ID security has been proven in millions of devices certified by Common Criteria, EMVCo, Visa and multiple governments. Intrinsic ID’s mission: “Authenticate Everything.” Visit Intrinsic ID online at

BroadKey, Intrinsic ID and the Intrinsic ID logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intrinsic ID, B.V., and are protected by trademark laws of the United States and other jurisdictions. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About IKV
InfoKeyVault Technology (IKV) is the leading service company in embedded security in Taiwan, also an independent design house for security solutions from global security chip vendors, such as Infineon and Microsemi. IKV provides seven platforms for tailor-made security solutions, which are (1) silicon IP of cryptographic algorithms (2) KVSoftKey using Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF (3) S10 security chip for authentication and anti-counterfeiting (4) iBadge device identity management for IoT (5) SLE97 security chip for military-grade security (6) Fusion FPGA security modules (7) cryptocurrency hardware wallets. Based on these platforms, IKV complies with ESAA (Embedded Security Adaptation Approach), analyzing customers’ potential threats and design solutions meeting corresponding security requirements. Now IKV is paving the way for twenty years ahead, researching and developing post-quantum cryptography in case of attack by quantum computers. Visit IKV online at


Media Contact for Intrinsic ID
+[1] (408) 933-9980

Media Contact for IKV
Vince Lin
+[886] 931-762-579

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