Key Provisioning

IoT device manufacturers are under immense pressure to provide device personalization, strong protection of sensitive assets, and in-field application services in order to help their products stand out from the crowd. All of these features come at the high cost of key delivery methods that don’t allow for the scalability of device appropriate security.

Intrinsic ID key provisioning solutions CITADEL and QUIDDICARD are designed to keep pace with the growing demand for the generation, distribution, and protection of cryptographic keys for IoT applications. QUIDDICARD uses symmetric encryption algorithms while CITADEL uses asymmetric encryption algorithms.

 World’s first complete key provisioning system based on SRAM PUF Technology. The availability of SRAM in every chip enables affordable just-in-time key provisioning Learn more ...
Key management and anti-counterfeiting software for remotely programming keys into ICs with Intrinsic ID’s QUIDDIKEY® and BROADKEY™ secure key management modulesLearn more ...

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