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Intrinsic ID Authentication for the Renesas RX231


Intrinsic ID is pleased to partner with Renesas to incorporate our SRAM PUF authentication technology into the RX group of microcontrollers

Intrinsic ID products secure payments, protect sensitive data, combat counterfeiting, prevent identity theft and secure communication channels with unique device identities, all of which are critical concerns in the fast-growing IoT market and other applications that are based on connected intelligent devices.

The RX231 WiFi Kit’s IoT Authentication demo shows hardware-based device authentication based on SRAM PUF secrets and symmetric crypto for establishing a challenge/response protocol, allowing users to see how easy it is to provide root-of-trust capabilities on their connected platform.

To use the Smart Machine with Vibration Monitoring Kit, which includes the Renesas RX231 and Renesas IoT Sandbox services and workflows, access this quick start guide from Medium One.

To see how your Renesas RX231 microcontroller can benefit from Intrinsic ID authentication, please complete the form to the right and we’ll send you the resources to get you started.

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