Software to Create, Wrap, and Manage Keys

BROADKEY is a secure key management software solution that dynamically reconstructs on-chip secret keys without ever storing those keys. SRAM PUF-based keys are bound to a device in such a way that they cannot be cloned, copied or in any way extracted from the device.

BROADKEY is designed to enable storage of multiple cryptographic keys of various lengths. The Software is delivered as library compiled for a specific target chip, including interface specifications and user manual.

BROADKEY is available in 3 optimized variants:

    Device-unique key creation, optimized for low footprint
    Device-unique key creation, derivation, wrapping and management
    Device-unique key creation, derivation, wrapping and management, including elliptic curve private key generation

SRAM PUF Benefits

  • Device-unique, unclonable fingerprint
  • Leverages entropy of mfg. process
  • No key material programmed


  • Secure Key Storage
  • Authentication
  • Flexible Key Provisioning
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • HW-SW Binding
  • Supply Chain Protection


  • 256 or 128-bit key entropy
  • Highly reliable across large range of operating environments and on every technology node
  • Lifetime > 25 years
  • Requires uninitialized SRAM
Learn more about keys extracted from the ‘Silicon Fingerprint’ … Download our White Paper