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Collaborative Research Projects

Intrinsic ID collaborates with industrial, research and academic partners on funded research projects consistent with the company’s product direction and customer demands.

Instet E1552260447241


Intrinsic ID is working on INSTET – a fully-fledged security solution on top of PUF that will protect low-end chips that are omnipresent in IoT devices everywhere by making them physically & cryptographically secure and very resilient to advanced attacks.

Patriot E1552260489786


PATRIOT provides an alternative for outdated password-based security and costly secure elements. The solution is 2-factor authentication using unclonable hardware.

PRIME Logo E1552260517529


The goal of the PRIME project is to establish an open Ultra Low Power (ULP) Technology Platform containing all necessary design and architecture blocks and components which could enable the European industry to increase and strengthen their competitive and leading eco-system and benefit from market opportunities created by the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution

PUFFIN E1552260537394


This project studies and show the existence of SRAM PUFs and other types of PUFs in standard PCs, laptops, mobile phones and consumer electronics.



The technical focus within UNIQUE is on the development of new hardware based security functionality for hardware systems and components in general but in particular for those ICs and hardware components that provide cryptographic and security services (e.g. cryptographic co-processors, smartcards) within modern IT and communication systems. These new components can be used as security anchors in the devices they are embedded in.

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