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Grant Agreement ID: 238811
Program: FP7-ICT – Specific Programme “Cooperation”: Information and communication technologies.
Topic: ICT-2007.8.0 – FET Open.
Period: 1 September 2009 – 31 May 2012.
Description: The technical focus within UNIQUE is on the development of new hardware based security functionality for hardware systems and components in general but in particular for those ICs and hardware components that provide cryptographic and security services (e.g. cryptographic co-processors, smartcards) within modern IT and communication systems. These new components can be used as security anchors in the devices they are embedded in.
Website link: Unique EC website.

Participants: Technicon (AT), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE), R&S Cybersecurity Sirrix GMBH (DE), Ruhr-universitaet Bochum (DE), Thales (FR), Intrinsic ID B.V. (NL).

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