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Synopsys teams up with Intrinsic-ID to bring PUF to low power ARC EM processors

Synopsys Introduces Enhanced Security Package for DesignWare ARC EM Processors

New Option Enables Implementation of a Trusted Execution Environment on a Single, Ultra-Low Power ARC EM Core

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —


  • New Enhanced Security Package option for ARC EM processors includes Synopsys SecureShield technology for development of a trusted execution environment
  • In-line instruction and data encryption, address scrambling and data integrity checks provide protection from system attacks and IP theft
  • Integrated watchdog timer detects system failures that result from tampering and supports countermeasures
  • Ability to add secure custom instructions or coprocessors in a secure mode boosts performance and reduces power consumption


Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS) today announced availability of the Enhanced Security Package, a new licensable option for DesignWare® ARC® EM Processors. This new ARC EM option enables designers to create an isolated, secure environment that protects their systems and software from evolving security threats such as IP theft and remote attacks. The Enhanced Security Package integrates Synopsys SecureShield™ technology, which provides support for separating secure and non-secure modes of operation and memory as part of a trusted execution environment. The new package also includes features such as instruction and data encryption as well as data integrity checks to defend against software attacks. The ARC EM Processor with Enhanced Security Package enables SoC developers to create devices less susceptible to security threats using a single, ultra-low power processor, which eliminates the increased area and power consumption that an additional security core and associated memories would entail. This combination of security features and energy savings is especially important for IoT and mobile applications, including wearables and smart home devices.

“As more sensitive data is proliferated throughout connected systems and devices, there is increasing concern about privacy and the security of embedded systems,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO at Intrinsic-ID. “With its Enhanced Safety Package, Synopsys is filling an important void in the industry by providing enhanced security features on a compact, ultra-low power core.  Through our collaboration with Synopsys, IC developers using ARC EM Processors can easily create secure communication channels between devices with Intrinsic-ID’s core PUF security technology.”

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