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Fall 2023 Newsletter

Last month, Intrinsic ID celebrated its 15th anniversary, and I am incredibly proud of what we’ve built over the years. Starting out as a group of scientists working at Royal Philips Research, Intrinsic ID is now widely recognized as the company that pioneered and commercialized PUF technology. This is underlined by a recent publication in the Microprocessor Report from Tech Insights, that recognizes Intrinsic ID as the industry’s largest and most established provider of PUF technology. The whole journey from a concept that only existed in a lab to products that are being used by most of the world’s largest tech companies in over 600 million devices (and counting) has been an incredibly gratifying experience for the team and myself.

In October we took some time to celebrate this milestone anniversary and look back on what these last 15 years have brought us. And with this newsletter we want to share our excitement about this with you, our customers and partners. When you scroll down you will find an overview of 15 years of Intrinsic ID, a blog about the recent recognition received at the 25th edition of CHES (IACR flagship conference on cryptographic hardware), recognition for our software family Zign X00, and much more.

And just to be clear, after 15 years the journey is far from over for Intrinsic ID. In fact, we keep raising the bar and covering new ground. If you scroll down, you will find not one but two new product launches from the past months in our new QuiddiKey X00 product family. And what is truly special is that our new QuiddiKey 300 product is the first in the world to achieve PSA Certified Level 3 Root of Trust Component Certification. This is an amazing achievement by our engineering team and well-deserved recognition for all their hard work. So clearly, while we are taking the time to look back, we are keeping our focus forward at the same time.

I hope you will enjoy the content that we have gathered for you below. In the meantime, we will make sure to keep looking forward, so together we can create a better IoT based on trust!

Pim Tuyls – CEO, Intrinsic ID

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Press Release
Intrinsic ID Looks Back on 15 Years of Building Digital Trust
Pioneering Work with Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) Technology Transformed Intrinsic ID into a World-Leading Embedded Security Solutions Provider Protecting Sensors in Everything from Smart Watches to Satellites.

“I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built over the last 15 years at Intrinsic ID. To see our work evolve into a commercial enterprise and contribute so significantly to the advancement of digital security is humbling and gratifying,” said Dr. Pim Tuyls, CEO and co-founder of Intrinsic ID. “The attitude towards digital security has shifted dramatically over the years and now device-level security has become an integral component that is designed in up front. It has been a remarkable journey so far and one that is far from over. I’m proud of the gains we’ve made in helping to enable a more secure, interconnected world and excited about the advances we will make over the next 15 years and beyond.”

You can also watch a video celebrating the 15th anniversary of Intrinsic ID here.

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New Product
Intrinsic ID Becomes World’s First IP Vendor with PSA Certified Level 3 Root of Trust Componentntrinsic ID PUFs are ISO/IEC 20897 Compliant
Recently, Intrinsic ID became the world’s first IP provider to achieve PSA Certified Level 3 Root of Trust (RoT) Component Certification with QuiddiKey® 300. QuiddiKey 300 is a new product based on the company’s robust and proven PUF technology that brings security-certified RoT IP to chip designers creating high-value assets. It allows them to fast-track their products for a full PSA Certified certification and further helps ensure supply chain integrity, chiplet security, and protection against reverse engineering.

“PSA Certified and its ecosystem are contributing to an environment where security is implemented from the beginning of product development” said Marc Witteman, CEO at Riscure. “The PSA-RoT certification enables a framework for vendors and independent security labs to vigorously test components and ensure that they meet industry security standards for an IoT device.”

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New Product
Intrinsic ID Announces QuiddiKey 100 – Providing a Strong Root of Trust Solution for Internet Connected Devices
Intrinsic ID released QuiddiKey® 100, a PUF-based root-of-trust solution for internet connected devices. QuiddiKey 100 enables all semiconductors – even the smallest microcontrollers with limited resources – to create a hardware-based root of trust, without the need for dedicated silicon. QuiddiKey 100 is the first product released in the QuiddiKey X00 series. With the smallest area footprint of the series, it is specifically designed to protect internet connected devices that have limited resources against current and future threats, including supporting post-quantum security.

“The need for digital trust has never been greater,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO of Intrinsic ID. “New government legislation, safety regulations and higher security requirements are driving the need for customized solutions. Specialized applications in datacenters, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence all require security but in very different ways. Recognizing this, we are now offering application-specific versions of QuiddiKey. QuiddiKey 100 targets resource-constrained internet connected devices, while other QuiddiKey products address other markets such as datacenter, automotive, government and defense, and more.”

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CHES Celebrates 25 Years, Names Paper by Intrinsic ID Founders in the Top 3 Most-Cited Papers in the History of the Conference
This year, the Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES), celebrated its 25th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the conference named the three “most noticeable” papers in the history of the conference, based on the objective measure of number of citations. One of these was a paper written in 2007 by the co-founders of Intrinsic ID, Pim Tuyls and Geert-Jan Schrijen, along with two of their former colleagues from Philips Research, Jorge Guajardo, and Sandeep Kumar. The paper titled “FPGA PUFs and Their Use for IP Protection” has been cited over 1500 times since its initial publication.

Over time, this paper from 2007 has proven to be the foundational paper for PUF technology in the semiconductor industry. In fact, it played a major role in the founding of Intrinsic ID as a company, as a spinoff from Philips Research. While PUFs were already known at the time, this was the first paper to propose an SRAM PUF, using a standard process element rather than an added hardware component. This low-cost, easy-to-integrate solution that would prove to scale naturally over any process technology became the foundational technology for Intrinsic ID.

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Intrinsic ID Zign nominated for “IoT Product of the Year” at Elektra Awards
The Elektra Awards are a ceremony where companies and individuals are rewarded and recognised for their excellent performance, innovation and contribution to the global electronics industry. These awards also provide a platform for like-minded and key industry professionals to gather in one place to network, share ideas and celebrate the achievements of the industry.

This year the Intrinsic ID Zign® X00 embedded software solutions have been nominated for “Internet-of-Things Product of the Year”. Intrinsic ID is very excited about this recognition from its peers in the industry and is looking forward to the announcement of the winners at the Elektra Awards gala on November 29

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In The News
Several Articles and Interviews Featuring Intrinsic ID
In the last few months Intrinsic ID has been in the news very frequently. Here is an overview of where you might have encountered us recently.

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