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"We implemented SRAM PUF technology that has the longest proven track record of reliability in the market.  ... We required PUF technology with a long history of reliability."

Mike Dow, Silicon Labs
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“Authenticating each DPU and certifying each piece of software it runs are fundamental requirements for building a secure data center. The Intrinsic ID technology allows us to uniquely and securely identify each of our silicons, as needed to achieve these goals.”

Wael Noureddine, Chief Architect of Fungible

“Intrinsic ID are industry leaders in offering PUF technology and our partnership with them enables us to build into our high-performance FPGAs and SoCs security features that are unmatched in the industry.”

Dan McNamara, General Manager Programmable Solutions Group at Intel

“The highly secure root-of-trust solution from Intrinsic ID gives us the ability to provide the necessary security robustness our customers expect from our ultra-low power application processors for hearables and IoT”

Loïc Liétar, Co-founder and CEO at GreenWaves Technologies

“BK software allows our customers to protect their assets from being stolen or cloned during manufacturing, and provide authentication and encryption functions for edge-to-cloud applications.”

Jason Zhu, CEO at GOWIN Semiconductor

“We’re very happy to have entered into this contract with Intrinsic ID, the undisputed leader in PUF.”

EVP and General Manager at NXP Semiconductors

Renesas and Intrinsic ID: “Bridging the complexity gap with a cost-effective board-to-cloud platform with integrated root-of-trust IoT authentication.”

Semir Haddad, Director of Marketing MCU and MPU Product Solutions at Renesas Electronics America

Intrinsic ID enables “our customers to automate the deployment of a hardware-based root of trust in a less-than-trustworthy supply chain.”

Jason Zhu, CEO at GOWIN Semiconductor

We chose QuiddiKey for “strong unclonable authentication for legitimate branded devices keeps consumers safe from charging hazards with counterfeits.”

Dr. Amit Bavisi, Senior Director, SoC Mobile Engineering, Wireless Power Division, IDT

“The unique PUF technology from Intrinsic ID forms the trust anchor of the secure boot solution.”

Executive Vice President & General Manager, Integrated Circuits and Solutions, Microsemi

Industry Leaders Rely on PUFs from Intrinsic ID

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