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Spring 2023 Newsletter

“We are everywhere!” If you follow Intrinsic ID, you will have seen this phrase pop up more and more. This is because we have been incredibly busy since we announced the launch of our new software product Zign® in our previous newsletter. We have travelled to many shows, and we have been featured in a large number of different media. The rapidly growing attention Intrinsic ID is receiving is something we are very proud of and is a testament to the progress our company is making. And we are not going to take it easy any time soon!

Since our last newsletter we have exhibited at many shows, including Embedded WorldHannover Messe, and the TSMC Technology Symposium. And we have also been invited to speak at shows like HOSTOCP, and D&R. These and other shows have enabled us to bring our latest developments to the forefront, discussing our solutions for securing chiplets, showcasing ecosystem solutions with partners, and of course demoing the Zign software. So keep an eye on our website to find out where you can see us next.

And we are not the only ones excited about the progress at Intrinsic ID, so don’t just take our word for it. Over the last months we have received a lot of attention from different media outlets. Just scroll down this newsletter and you will find a dozen articles, podcasts, and video interviews with Intrinsic ID staff. We are very proud of the enthusiastic feedback we have received. Since the media requests keep coming in, we have more exciting content coming up soon in external media and on our website.

So it’s time to scroll down and have a look at what we have assembled for you from the last few months. Enjoy the content and feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions. And we are looking forward to seeing you all again at the events we have coming up in the second half of the year.

Together we are ready to create a better IoT based on trust!

Pim Tuyls – CEO, Intrinsic ID

We Are Everywhere

Very Active Intrinsic ID Campaign: “We are Everywhere”
These are busy times for Intrinsic ID, as the company has been involved in many events over the last few months. Since our last newsletter the company has actively particpated in many events, including Embedded World, Hannover Messe, RSA, and HOST. If you want to see where we have been, have a look at our Newsroom.

However, we are far from done. Next stop is the SmartNICs Summit, where our VP Business Development Reed Hinkel will be giving a presentation entitled “Protecting SmartNICs with Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs).”

To stay up to date on other future events we will be participating in, keep an eye on our website.


Intrinsic ID PUFs are ISO/IEC 20897 Compliant
Recently, Intrinsic ID has tested its PUF technology in accordance to the International Standard ISO/IEC 20897-1:2020 and International Standard ISO/IEC 20897-2:2022. The outcomes of these tests have been bundled in a report, which concludes:

“The assessment presented in this report indicates that the PUF solution based on an SRAM PUF implementation and the Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey HW IP module fits nicely within the framework put forward by ISO/IEC 20897. In addition, the presented test and evaluation results indicate that for a representative SRAM PUF implementation, this PUF solution is able to meet the ISO/IEC 20897 security requirements for the security parameter generation use case.”

For more information, please visit this page on our website.

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In The News
Several Articles and Interviews Featuring Intrinsic ID
In the last few months Intrinsic ID has been in the news very frequently. Here is an overview of where you might have encountered us recently.


Listen to the Latest News from Intrinsic ID
Our CEO Pim Tuyls has been interviewed by Amelia Dalton for her Fish Fry podcast. Pim and Amelia discussed today’s biggest security trends, the details of Intrinsic ID’s new software-only solution called Zign, and why Pim thinks that US Cybersecurity Chip Act isn’t quite enough when it comes to legislation in the security arena.

Director Marketing Vincent van der Leest spoke with Chad Cox for the Embedded Insiders Podcast. Vincent joined this podcast to discuss Intrinsic ID’s recent achievement of successfully protecting 500 million connected devices worldwide with SRAM PUF technology.

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Watch Videos from Intrinsic ID at Embedded World
During Embedded World, our CTO Geert Jan Schrijen spoke to Syed Rehan from Amazon AWS about Intrinsic ID and our SRAM PUF technology. They discussed our latest software product Zign, which allows any IoT device maker to create unclonable identities on their devices and set up secure connections to the AWS cloud. (if the link brings you to the beginning of the video, the interview starts at 6:35:30)

At the same show, Director Marketing Vincent van der Leest spoke to Eamon Standing from ipXchange. Eamon visited our booth at Embedded World and Vincent explained to him and the viewers the benefits of SRAM PUF technology and how it can protect any connected device.

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