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Product Briefs

Download the product briefs here to get all you wanted to know about the world’s greatest products for delivering IoT security via unclonable identities.

Zign RNG Product Image

Intrinsic ID Zign® RNG is an embedded software IP solution that enables device manufacturers and designers to add a random number generator to their products without the need for hardware modifications. Random number generators are essential in many cryptographic operations, for example, to secure connections in settings such as IoT, automotive or datacenter. The Zign RNG product is compliant with the NIST SP 800-90 standard. It implements a deterministic random bit generator (DRBG) as specified in NIST SP 800-90A. The DRBG is seeded by a true random seed that is harvested from the noise in the SRAM physical unclonable function (PUF). This construction follows the NIST SP 800-90B specification.

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Product QuiddiKey

Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey is a hardware IP solution that enables device manufacturers and designers to secure their products with internally generated, device-unique cryptographic keys without the need for adding costly, security-dedicated silicon. QuiddiKey uses the inherently random start-up values of SRAM as a physical unclonable function (PUF), which generates the entropy required for a strong hardware root of trust. QuiddiKey IP can be applied easily to almost any chip – from tiny microcontrollers (MCUs) to high-performance systems-on-chip (SoCs). SRAM is a standard component available upon initial release of any process technology; because it uses SRAM as a PUF source, Quiddikey IP can be used with any foundry and process-node technology. QuiddiKey has been deployed and proven in hundreds of millions of devices certified by EMVCo, Visa, CC EAL6+, PSA, IoXt, and governments across the globe.

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Apollo 364 204

FPGAs are widely used in mission-critical environments with specific processing needs. Motivations for copying or altering sensitive data or valuable IP are abundant. Especially in aerospace and defense, attacks can result in loss of IP, leakage of top-secret information and compromised national security. A way for designers to secure their FPGAs, its sensitive data and communications, is the use of cryptography. Authenticity, integrity and confidentiality can be guaranteed by using strong cryptographic keys, rooted in the hardware of the FPGA.

Apollo combines a butterfly Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) with Intrinsic ID’s helper data algorithms.

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Product BroadKey

The accelerating expansion of the Internet of Things brings with it a comparably expanding threat model. The growing number of endpoints require strong identities as the foundation of trust to establish and scale robust security. BK is a secure root key generation and management software solution for IoT security that allows device manufacturers to secure their products with an internally generated, unique identity without the need for adding a costly, security-dedicated silicon. Since BK is a software implementation of SRAM PUF, it is the only hardware entropy source option for securing IoT products that does not need to be loaded at silicon fabrication.

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Product Citadel Infrastructure Tools

Citadel Infrastructure Tools is a suite of software products which accelerate SRAM PUF deployment of unclonable device identities for securing IoT applications, particularly those targeting wide-scale deployment. They can be used by semiconductor vendors and OEMs to provision their devices, and by OEMs and application developers to create applications that are using SRAM PUF-based security. Available are tools for provisioning and for crypto applications which, along with BK and QuiddiKey® key-management products, form the basis of secure device lifecycle management.

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