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Case Studies

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Security is an important topic for every SoC, but it’s especially salient in the context of highrisk assets included in the eFPGA for obfuscation. Whether the device is used in defense systems or in cars driving around town, encryption is important so the device remains secure and can’t be modified maliciously, whether through physical attacks or remote hacking. There are several different established ways to secure eFPGA content, each with its own tradeoffs. Now there is a new and better way to take encryption of the eFPGA content to the next level.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) offers great opportunities, but it is also a scary place. Not in the least for IoT device makers, or OEMs. Between anonymous online hacks and cutthroat competition, there are plenty of threats OEMs need to consider. Whether worrying about attacks on devices in the field or protecting their supply chain, it can be overwhelming for an OEM to consider all risks.

See how GOWIN helps OEMs address these serious concerns, without raising production and BOM costs.

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Longview™ Partners with GlobalSign and Intrinsic ID to Deliver Robust and Comprehensive IoT Security for Industrial Asset Management

Carnegie Technologies delivers end-to-end IoT solutions, pre-configured for various industries and designed to work right out of the box. Carnegie Technologies’ Longview IoT was purposfully developed as a full set of IoT technologies to provide their customers with a single, secure, and optimized IoT solution to monitor and manage industrial assets.

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