White Papers

White papers enable exploration of technology matters related to device and IoT security.

Reliability of SRAM PUF | White Paper

Physical Unclonable Functions or PUFs are increasingly being deployed as a hardware root-of-trust to secure IoT devices, data and services. They often outcompete traditional non-volatile memories (e.g. flash, EEPROM, anti- fuses, etc.) on different performance metrics such as security, flexibility and cost.

In this white paper we explore the reliability and all its aspects for Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF system and show that it is a very reliable storage medium for a cryptographic key, even under extreme conditions and for the entire lifetime of the IC.

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Flexible Key Provisioning with SRAM PUF | White Paper

Securing billions of IoT devices requires a new key provisioning method that scales. Even the most innocuous IoT endpoints (such as webcams, DVR recorders and light bulbs) need protection, as demonstrated by the September 2016 Mirai cyber attack. The exploitation of these types of nodes led to a large scale disruption of Internet services.

In this white paper we propose an IoT key provisioning method based on SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions. This method removes the barriers to securing a broad range of IoT devices, even resource-limited endpoints, building the foundation for an Internet of Things we can trust.

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SRAM PUF: The Secure Silicon Fingerprint | White Paper

Low-cost and strong secret key-storage technology is critical to enable affordable and effective security systems. Silicon Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) have been seen for years as a promising and innovative security technology. Today, Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM)-based PUFs offer a mature and viable security component that is achieving widespread adoption in commercial products.

This paper shows that SRAM PUF is a mature technology for embedded authentication even in the most demanding environments.

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