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Intrinsic ID, QuiddiKey, QuiddiKey RNG, Apollo, BK, BK-Demo, Zign, Zign RNG, Zign Tag, Citadel, and other designated brands included herein are trademarks of Intrinsic ID B.V. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Intrinsic ID Trademarks and Servicemarks may only be used with written permission from Intrinsic ID and this document shall not be construed as granting such permission.

Intrinsic ID Trademarks are one of our most valuable assets and we request all organizations to follow these Guidelines. If you have any questions about the Guidelines, please direct them to marketing [at]

Furthermore, if you learn of any trademarks confusingly similar to the Intrinsic ID Trademarks or any violations to the Intrinsic ID Trademark guidelines, including failure to identify the Intrinsic ID Trademarks as belonging to Intrinsic ID, please notify Intrinsic ID immediately at marketing [at]

Trademark Usage Guidelines
Intrinsic ID Trademark Usage Guidelines govern the rules for using or referring to the trademarks and servicemarks owned by Intrinsic ID. For the purposes of these Guidelines, “Trademark” shall refer to and include “Intrinsic ID Trademark(s) and Servicemark(s)” and shall include all registered or unregistered trademarks and servicemarks (such as words, names, symbols, references, tag lines, or any combination thereof) owned by Intrinsic ID. Intrinsic ID reserves the right and the discretion to update the Intrinsic ID Trademark Guidelines and to prohibit the use of any Intrinsic ID Trademark that does not comply with these Guidelines.

Proper usage of Intrinsic ID Trademarks is important for their continued quality and protection. Proper usage is critical to our partners and customers who depend upon Intrinsic ID’s technology, products and services. License agreements may state different guidelines and such guidelines should be followed.

Permissible Uses
Organizations with the permission to sell or promote Intrinsic ID’s technology, products or services may use Intrinsic ID Trademarks to refer to Intrinsic ID in advertising, sales materials and similar materials.

Authorized organizations may use Intrinsic ID Trademarks to indicate a relationship to Intrinsic ID technology, products or services as long as the Intrinsic ID reference is less prominent and not part of Organizations product or name.

Unauthorized Uses

  • Altering the Intrinsic ID Trademarks in any way including but not limited to color, dimension, distortion, etc.
  • Displaying Intrinsic ID Trademarks without the proper Trademark symbol and attribution statement crediting ownership of the Intrinsic ID Trademarks to Intrinsic ID.
  • Use of Intrinsic ID Trademarks in false or misleading advertising, objectionable materials or in violation of any laws of any country.
  • Use of Intrinsic ID Trademarks to disparage Intrinsic ID, its technology, product or service that may diminish or damage the reputation of Intrinsic ID or mislead its partner or customers.
  • Use of Intrinsic ID Trademarks to imply partnership, sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement by Intrinsic ID in any way without written permission.
  • Use or registration of the Intrinsic ID Trademarks as all or part of your company name, technology, products, services or domain without prior written permission by an authorized officer of Intrinsic ID.
  • Imitating Intrinsic ID Trademarks on anything manufactured, sold or intend to sell, giveaway or advertise without written permission from Intrinsic ID.
  • Any use of Intrinsic ID Logos without written permission. (see Logo Guidelines for detailed information).

You may NOT use any Intrinsic ID logo or tagline without written permission from Intrinsic ID. Authorized users must comply with Intrinsic ID’s logo guidelines:
Intrinsic ID Logos or taglines may not be used without written permission from Intrinsic ID authorizing such use.

Use only approved master artwork, allowing sufficient space around logo. Altering or distorting the Intrinsic ID logo in any way is strictly prohibited.

Download the official Intrinsic ID logo.

Logo Intrinsic ID NoTM 40

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