Barco Silex and Intrinsic ID partners on securing IoT applications

EE News Europe |By Julien Happich

Intrinsic ID and Barco Silex announced a partnership whereby the companies will integrate their security technologies, combining the use of Intrinsic ID’s Broadkey or Quiddikey with Barco Silex’s Esecure.

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Device Security After Deployment: Intrinsic ID Offers Software Retrofit

Electronic Engineering Journal | By Bryon Moyer

So you just shipped that new fancy-dancy Internet of Things (IoT) thingamajiggy with the kung-fu grip and the volume that goes to 11. Congratulations. That is, until you start tossing and turning nights knowing that, for profit’s sake, you omitted security.

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Intrinsic ID extends SRAM PUF security

EE Times Europe | By Peter Clarke

Embedded security company Intrinsic-ID BV (Sunnyvale, Calif.) has made two software additions, known as Broadkey and Citadel, to its SRAM physically unclonable function (PUF) technology. Broadkey is a software product based on SRAM PUF which can be used to create and manage keys. Broadkey runs on a microcontroller or microprocessor […]

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Software brings secure IDs to almost any device

Tech Design Forum | By Chris Edwards

Intrinsic ID, a specialist in physically unclonable function (PUF) cores, has developed software that allows the technology to be used in most systems that contain static memory together with a framework for managing secure keys in practically any supply chain.

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SRAM PUF-based key provisioning system to secure IoT

EE Times Europe | By Julien Happich

Intrinsic ID’s newly announced CITADEL is an SRAM Physical Unclonable Function (PUF)-based key provisioning system, delivered in a package that includes hardware or software IP, manufacturing tools and an OEM management suite.
These features come bundled in a new business model that incentivizes companies to implement security across their entire […]

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More on PUF-security through software only, from Intrinsic ID

EDN Europe | Graham Prophet

Last week, we posted news from security and key-management technology provider Intrinsic ID that the company can now provide its unique-to-every-chip physically unclonable function or PUF, on any SoC using only software. That report is here; we now have to hand some further explanatory information on what Intrinsic ID is offering in […]

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PUF-security now possible through software only, says Intrinsic ID

EDN Europe | By Graham Prophet

Intrinsic ID is a Sunnyvale, California based company that provides security and key management functionality for SoC designs, using the principle of Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) that are unique ot each and every chip. The PUFs are generated from minute, but consistent, variations in the analogue behaviour of SRAM cells. Every […]

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IoT Security Ratings Needed

Semiconductor Engineering | By Ed Sperling

Concerns about security have been growing alongside adoption of the IoT, and it seems to be making some headway. This is good news, if it continues, because one of the biggest concerns about buying connected devices is that they can provide inroads into personal data.

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Towards Securing Medical IoT

Embedded Systems Engineering | By Michael Takamoto

The case for adopting SRAM PUF for medical and other devices

Personal medical information is definitely something we want kept private. Perhaps no other information besides financial and military can have such profound and direct effect on our lives. Yes, it is bad if your identity is stolen. Yes, it […]

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Secure element From NXP employs Intrinsic ID’s PUF technology

EDN Europe | By Graham Prophet
Intrinsic ID has disclosed that its SRAM physical unclonable functions technology is being deployed in NXP’s recently-announced SmartMX2 P60 Step-Up! Secure Element, enabling provision of Secure authentication and confidential data exchange; the combination is employed to, for example, protect personal payment data and eGovernment Services against identity theft.

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