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Summer 2022 Newsletter

We are nearing the end of summer and that means everything is shifting into high gear again. Just the way we like it! We are kicking off the busy period ahead with the announcement of a great next step in our partnership with Synopsys through the direct integration of our flagship QuiddiKey product into the Synopsys’ tRoot HSM IP. To further highlight this important step, I am excited that we are invited to be a part of the Synopsys ARC Processor Summit this week. At this event we will be presenting the benefits of combining our SRAM PUF with tRoot to create an OTP-less root of trust solution and we will also be demonstrating some of our latest joint developments. An OTP-less root of trust increases the security level of the system, as keys are never stored in non-volatile memory, and allows implementation in smallest technology nodes where the use of OTP is problematic due to scaling. You can find more details about the partnership and the ARC Summit in the newsletter below.

We are also very proud of the launch of our latest product “QuiddiKey® for Intel FPGAs”, which allows customers of Intel to utilize our SRAM PUF technology directly on the Agilex and Stratix FPGA families. Intel’s decision to incorporate our technology into their FPGAs is great recognition for the value SRAM PUFs bring to protecting the most sensitive assets of their military, aerospace, and government customers.

But as you will see in the newsletter below, we have so much more going on. There are new PUF Cafe Episodes we are happy to share with our community, while new partnerships with Flex Logix, EnactTrust, Kaviaz, and Progate are opening doors to new (geographic) markets. And that’s only what happened over the summer!

So with everything shifting into high gear again, there is a lot more you can expect from us in the next few months. Keep an eye on our website, as we will be announcing more webinars and events that we are taking part in, like the TSMC 2022 Open Innovation Platform®, very soon.

We can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Pim Tuyls – CEO, Intrinsic ID


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Press Release
Intrinsic ID Collaborates with Synopsys to Boost SoC Security and Accelerate Time to Market
Intrinsic ID announced a renewed collaboration with Synopsys to provide pre-verified PUF and hardware secure module (HSM) security solutions that protect connected devices against advanced security threats. The Synopsys tRoot™ HSM IP now offers easy integration with Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey® hardware IP implementing SRAM PUF, enabling designers with little security experience to quickly add system and data protection features to their SoC designs. Additionally, Intrinsic ID CEO Pim Tuyls will be speaking about the collaboration at the Synopsys ARC Processor Summit on Sept 8, 2022 in a talk entitled “Rooting Trust in Hardware with Invisible Keys from SRAM PUF Technology.”

“Protecting highly sensitive data and valuable information in connected systems begins with establishing trust early in the design process,” said John Koeter, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for the Solutions Group at Synopsys. “The integration of Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF technology with the highly secure Synopsys tRoot HSM IP enables SoC designers to protect the device and its data at boot time, runtime, and during the communication with other devices or to the cloud.”

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Press Release
Intrinsic ID Announces Embedded SRAM PUF Security IP for Military-Grade IP Protection in Intel FPGAs
Intrinsic ID recently announced the availability of its SRAM PUF-based hardware IP “QuiddiKey® for Intel FPGAs”, a device-level security IP that comes pre-integrated as part of the security infrastructure of several Intel FPGA families. It creates a more secure platform by providing access to Intrinsic ID’s SRAM PUF technology on the FPGAs.

“The QuiddiKey for Intel FPGAs IP block provides Intel FPGA customers with more application-level uses of Intrinsic ID’s PUF technology. The PUF-based hardware IP augments the existing boot security use cases enabled today in Intel’s Secure Device Manager (SDM) PUF,” said Rina Raman, Vice President, Intel Datacenter & Artificial Intelligence Group.

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Press Release
Flex Logix Partners With Intrinsic ID To Secure eFPGA Platform
Flex Logix® Technologies announced that it has partnered with Intrinsic ID to ensure that any device using its eFPGA remains secure and can’t be modified maliciously, whether through physical attacks or remote hacking. The integration of Intrinsic ID SRAM PUF military-grade security IP with Flex Logix’s EFLX® eFPGA provides a device unique silicon fingerprint that is used to secure confidential data contained in the bitstream of the eFPGA.

“With security being one of the top concerns for every SoC, encryption has become a critical technology to ensure the device remains secure from the rising threat of sophisticated hackers,” said Andy Jaros, VP IP Sales, Marketing & Solutions Architecture for Flex Logix. “While there are several options available today for encryption, our technology integration with Intrinsic ID takes security to the next level, particularly when dealing with high-risk assets included in the eFPGA for obfuscation.”


Press Release
Intrinsic ID Extends Commercial Reach in Asia Pacific Region by Signing Up Two Sales Representation Partners
Intrinsic ID announced it has signed a sales representative agreement with Kaviaz Technology to market, sell and support the Intrinsic ID PUF authentication and security solutions in Taiwan. Kaviaz Technology is a leading EDA/IP distributor in Taiwan, which has been working with global leading technology companies for more than a decade.

Additionally, Intrinsic ID also announced a sales representative agreement with Progate Technology in South Korea. Progate Technology is one of the leading representation firms for IP vendors in the South Korean market. Progate Technology will represent the full line of Intrinsic ID hardware and software solutions for device-unique data security and authentication in South Korea.

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Blog in Collaboration with EnactTrust
Protecting the Industrial Edge without Additional Hardware
With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and “Industry 4.0,” industrial sites and critical national infrastructure are becoming connected networks. Processes are remotely monitored through networks of smart devices, which gather data used for predictive analytics and optimizing industrial throughput.

But when processes rely on the integrity of connected sensors and their data, strong security becomes indispensable. Connected networks exchange sensitive data, which must be kept safe from eavesdropping and alteration, because at the end of the day this data is used to drive critical business decisions with lasting consequences.

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PUF Cafe Episodes
New PUF Cafe Epsiode Coming Up and One Added to Archive
On Wednesday September 14, we have an exciting new PUF Cafe Episode coming up for you. Jason Oberg, CTO and Co-founder of Cycuity, will discuss some of the common PUF use cases and some of the implementation mistakes that should be avoided when building systems around them. He will also share how using techniques based on information flow can be extremely effective at identifying weaknesses early in the design process to prevent vulnerabilities.

In the meantime, you can also watch the most recent PUF Cafe Episode that was originally aired on July 27. In this episode Marc Canel, VP of Strategy & Business Development at Imagination Technologies, discusses the role of PUF technology in the supply chain and how it supports secure lifecycle management.

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