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IoT Security: It Starts with a Strong Root of Trust

See how a strong Root of Trust provides the security to ensure your IoT product is successful.

You know the numbers – the Internet of Things will grow to 50 billion connected devices before long, on its way to trillions. And to ensure YOUR IoT product is successful, you need to juggle a lot of balls. One of the biggest issues you face?


Have you considered the ways a security breach can affect your business?

  • The legal team is worried about liability exposure.
  • The CFO and risk managers cite data on the financial impact of breaches, costing tens of millions of dollars.
  • Any security vulnerability can put your product – and therefore your company, brand, reputation and customer – at risk.

So you wonder … how do I protect my assets? My business? The answer: Start with a strong Root of Trust.

What is a Root of Trust?

A root of trust consists of identity and cryptographic keys rooted in the hardware of a device. It establishes a unique, immutable and unclonable identity to authorize a device in the IoT network. It establishes the anchor point for the chain of trust, and powers critical system security use cases over the entire lifecycle of a device. It protects the device against counterfeiting, cloning and reverse engineering.Hardware Root Of Trust

Intrinsic ID’s technology delivers a hardware root of trust by generating unique keys based on our patented SRAM PUF, or Physical Unclonable Function. SRAM PUF is a digital fingerprint for a semiconductor device, based on physical variations inherent to every chip – as distinct as a snowflake. Because this fingerprint is impossible to clone, it is the ideal basis for a device’s identity. Since the root key is generated internally and never stored, no sensitive data is visible anywhere in the supply chain. This approach delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership, and manufacturing flow flexibility for chip manufacturers, contract manufacturers and OEMs to scale the IoT.

So if you are developing a new IoT product and need to make sure it’s secure, Intrinsic ID delivers a robust root of trust. It’s the first step to protecting your products – and your business.

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