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Looking Ahead: Security Trends for 2023

By: Pim Tuyls, CEO & Co-Founder of Intrinsic ID,, previously published on EDA Cafe. Pim Tuyls is founder and CEO of Intrinsic ID, a spinout from Phillips Research in 2008. It was at Philips, where he was Principal Scientist…

Industrial IoT

Protecting the Industrial Edge without Additional Hardware

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and “Industry 4.0,” industrial sites and critical national infrastructure are becoming connected networks. Processes are remotely monitored through networks of smart devices, which gather data used for predictive analytics and optimizing…

Banner Zign RNG square

An Unexpected IoT Problem: Not Enough Randomness

Author: Pim Tuyls, Founder & CEO | Originally published on EENews Europe A critical flaw in random number generators puts the security of billions of low-cost IoT devices at risk. This means a new approach for generating random numbers is…

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