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Intrinsic ID works together with prominent partners in the security technology industry to address some of the most challenging technical problems and to deliver innovative, reliable products and solutions.
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As part of our commitment to the integrity and quality of Cisco technology and services, we have joined the HIS initiative to broaden education and awareness of anti-counterfeit solutions.
Jan Schlossberg, Intellectual Property, Protection, and Compliance at Cisco
The need for SDS includes both infrastructure and mobile devices, which need to work together to solve the problem of reducing latency while meeting the power and form factor restrictions. At the same time, security is a key requirement regardless of the end market. Since there are some different use cases in the military, public safety and commercial markets, this necessitates a flexible security solution. The combination of Coherent Logix’s high performance and low power HyperX processors with Intrinsic ID’s security IP addresses all these use cases.
Manuel Uhm, Vice President of Marketing at Coherent Logix
Unique identification and encryption is key for many sensor network applications. For example preserving privacy of medical data collected through body area networks is essential. Therefore imec works with HIS solutions within our program on wireless autonomous sensor solutions as we feel it is as an excellent way to guarantee privacy and overcome possible identity theft.
Harmke de Groot, Program Director, Ultra Low Power Wireless and DSP at Imec
INSIDE Secure selected the HIS technology as offered by Intrinsic ID to address the growing demands to raise the levels of security and enable more flexible key management in smartcards.
Christian Fleutelot, General Manager & EVP Digital Security at INSIDE Secure
Physical security measures can only go so far: in order to properly utilize the Hardware Intrinsic Security approach, Irdeto’s Cloakware software security is needed to create applications that are uniquely anchored to hardware and effectively protect secret keys and other important assets. Protecting the linkage between hardware and software security is an important approach that we fully support and that is very much aligned with the goals of the HIS Initiative.
Andrew Wajs, CTO at Ir.Deto
PUF is one of the strongest hardware identifiers available to bind software crypto keys to hardware. Quiddikey installs seamlessly in a Microsemi SmartFusion® programmable logic solution and strongly binds to a WhiteboxCRYPTO-protected key, forcing an attacker to peel back multiple complex layers of system security.
Michael Mehlberg, Vice President of Product Management at Microsemi
Microsemi West Lafayette (WL) is proud to partner with Intrinsic ID to provide hardware-intrinsic technology to the U.S. Government.
“Integrating Intrinsic ID’s physically unclonable function IP with our ProASIC®3 and other flash FPGAs allows our customers to deliver more secure products with simpler key management requirements.
Rich Kapusta, Vice President Terrestrial Products at Microsemi
We are committed to enabling secure content delivery and protection of digital assets across all of these segments. In a world of open-source operating systems, user contributed apps, mobile-based payments, privacy concerns, and rich media, hardware-intrinsic security coupled with middleware will play a pivotal role. MIPS supports this approach and welcomes a collaborative dialogue with other members of the HIS initiative to securing our digital future.
Amit Rohatgi, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at MIPS Technologies
“Adding PUF technology to SmartMX2 chips helps to alleviate user doubts as we bring more security and trust to smart life solutions and provide our customers with a key competitive edge. As such, we’re very happy to have entered into this contract with Intrinsic ID, the undisputed leader in PUF.”
Ruediger Stroh, EVP and general manager, Identification business at NXP Semiconductors
“Advanced measures against cloning and reverse engineering are key to protect against future highly sophisticated attacks. With the first implementation of the Intrinsic ID Quiddikey® technology, NXP is further raising the security level of our SmartMX™ platform. This new security feature will become part of NXP’s Integral Security™ concept.”
Kees Wesdorp, Vice President and General Manager, Secure Identity at NXP Semiconductors
“Hardware Intrinsic Security™ technology brings innovative security solution for the cloud. We are pleased to extend our partnership with Intrinsic ID to support the Saturnus® application with a range of HIS-based Secure Elements, including SIM cards.”
Marc Bertin, Chief Technology Officer at Oberthur Technologies
“We are pleased to have worked closely with Intrinsic ID and STMicroelectronics in this innovative project. Oberthur Technologies’ Secure Elements are the right platform to secure Cloud applications and with the integration of HIS technology in our ST33-based USIM product, Oberthur Technologies enables chip fingerprint, confirming its strong market leadership”
Marc Bertin, Chief Technology Officer at Oberthur Technologies
“We are excited to work with Intrinsic ID to create a new usage model based by developing SoCs with enhanced security”
Noriaki Kubo, Director at Panasonic Corporation System LSI Business Division
“The demands for encryption technology become more and more important for Consumer devices as well as for Industrial and Automotive devices due to their increasing connectivity to a network. To address these challenges, we believe cipher key generation and true random number generation using Physically Unclonable Function is very important technology. We advance our deployment of these technologies and further endorse HIS by our active participation as member of the HIS Initiative.”
Masayuki Hirokawa, Department Manager at Renesas
“We have one of the best equipped laboratories to help protect our clients’ credibility and brand image so new approaches to hardware security are of vital interest to us. After a set of experiments using voltage contrast techniques, we found none of the attacks to be successful against an SRAM – based HIS solution. We’re delighted to be part of this initiative to reduce barriers to the adoption of HIS.”
John Walker, Laboratory Manager at SiVenture
“ST is very happy to collaborate with Oberthur and Intrinsic ID to demonstrate how the ST33 product range enables secure applications for many consumers. Saturnus® will contribute to the drive towards emancipation of security into mobile devices with new simple, and highly secure services.”
Laurent Degauque, Embedded Security Business Line Manager at STMicroelectronics
“Security solutions based on physically unclonable functions are gaining momentum and show a huge potential for economic advantages and new level of security. Technikon established a new engineering services program for hardware entangled security with physically unclonable functions to follow this prosperous way and to support our customers’ needs.”
Klaus-Michael Koch, CEO at Technikon
“This extensive security evaluation of PUFs at 65 nm, in which Thales Communications & Security has taken part, is the first of its kind to go public. Beyond the protection against counterfeiting, PUFs can be used to securely conceal cryptographic keys used by functions such as local memory protection.”
Jérôme Quévremont, Head of a SoC/SoFPGA development lab at Thales
“Our evaluation of SRAM PUFs as provided by Intrinsic ID clearly shows a real protection against attacks like reverse engineering, SCA, light emission, and fault injection towards the key storage.”
Jean-Christophe Courrège, ITSEF Technical Manager at Thales