Digital Authentication for Internet of Things and Embedded Applications

SPARTAN is a family of digital authentication software modules for authenticating IoT endpoints, enabling anti-counterfeiting and anti-cloning. The SPARTAN products utilize Intrinsic ID’s patented SRAM PUF technology to give microcontrollers and other semiconductors unique identities, which serve as the foundation for a security subsystem. SPARTAN is built on top of Intrinsic ID’s flagship BROADKEY software and enables a software approach for providing hardware-based security that can be implemented on virtually any CPU.

Hardware-Based Security

Hardware-Based Security

In line with the strategic principles for IoT of U.S. Department of Homeland Security.



Can be implemented on almost all MCUs, sensors, flash devices …

Low Cost

Low Cost

Low-footprint software that fits into the smallest, resource-constrained devices.



User keys and certificates can be provisioned at any point in the supply chain.


SPARTAN CLOUD is an embedded authentication software module for IoT devices to establish a secure Transport Layer Security (TLS)-based connection to major cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. By running SPARTAN CLOUD on the CPU of a device, it sets up an authenticated connection based on a device-unique key with the cloud platform via TLS. It provides seamless integration with cloud-connected applications via the SPARTAN-CLOUD library based on the MQTT messaging protocol.

The device’s SRAM PUF-based unique key is generated with BROADKEY, which is integrated in the SPARTAN CLOUD library. Further it has APIs to connect with TLS, MQTT and applications as indicated below.


  • Operates outside the manufacturing flow
  • Connects to third-party TLS library (e.g. mbed TLS, WolfSSL, Mocana NanoSSL …)
  • Agnostic with regard to cloud connection. Operates with all major public and private clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Portable to virtually all CPUs, operating systems, platforms

Use Cases:

  • Cloud-based data collection and processing from trusted IoT sensor nodes
  • Smart home devices, controlled from the cloud
  • Smart city infrastructure, controlled from the cloud
  • Smart health monitoring services


  • Network connection from devices to cloud
  • Chips with a CPU and 1 KB of uninitialized SRAM memory available
  • Ability to run cloud connection software (e.g. MQTT connection software) with security library (e.g. TLS)


  • C library compiled for a specific target CPU, for connecting to a specific cloud platform
  • Wrapper around CLOUD service specific connection library (e.g. AWS MQTT library)
  • Includes BROADKEY-FLEX-256-EC product
  • Comes with a certificate signing tool but can also work with certificates from CAs such as GlobalSign.

SRAM PUF Benefits

  • Device-unique, unclonable fingerprint
  • Leverages entropy of manufacturing process
  • No key material programmed


  • Secure Key Storage
  • Authentication
  • Flexible Key Provisioning
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • HW-SW Binding
  • Supply Chain Protection


  • 256- or 128-bit key entropy
  • Highly reliable across large range of operating environments and on every technology node
  • Lifetime > 25 years
  • Requires uninitialized SRAM