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Spring 2022 Newsletter

So much is going on at Intrinsic ID right now that it is difficult to capture it all in a single overview. That is why, in addition to our regular news update below, we have also created an exciting new infographic to show you how Intrinsic ID is doing. Click the image on the right to zoom in and learn some things that you might not know about our company.

We are also really excited to let you know that for the first time since the pandemic, we actually have a busy schedule of in-person events ahead of us again! In June we will be visiting RSA, Embedded World and HOST 2022 and we are looking forward to connecting with you all again at these events. At RSA you can join us for a drink at the welcome reception we are sponsoring or join our RSVP-only lunch event. At Embedded World you can visit our booth for demos or join one of the talks we will be giving. And finally, at HOST I am proud to be one of the keynote speakers of the event. So don’t hesitate and look for the complete overview of our June events here and meet us on the road again.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again somewhere soon.

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Pim Tuyls – CEO, Intrinsic ID



Press Release
Intrinsic ID to Address Increasing Need for Device-Level Security at Multiple Industry Events in June
Intrinsic ID will be participating at three key industry events happening in June underscoring the elevated need for device-level security for embedded systems and the Internet of Things: RSA, Embedded World and HOST 2022.

“We are looking forward to connecting with customers and partners in person at key events in June,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO and co-founder of Intrinsic ID. “While cyberattacks are increasing in number, scope, and impact, and supply chain issues are becoming a greater threat, the need for robust, device-level security and authentication solutions has never been more important. Being present at these events enables us to assess industry trends and customer needs and ensure we are delivering solutions to foster a safer, more secure digital world.”


Press Release
Intrinsic ID Taps Former Arm Executive to Lead Business Development Efforts as Need for Embedded Security Soars
Intrinsic ID is proud to welcome industry veteran Reed Hinkel to the position of Vice President of Business Development. Reed brings more than 20 years of experience as a technology, IoT and cybersecurity expert in companies such as Arm and Texas Instruments. At Intrinsic ID, he will help the company build a robust ecosystem, strengthen channel partnerships and expand into new markets to further solidify its leadership role in the embedded security industry.

“I’m thrilled to be joining a company with such a stellar reputation and successful track record,” said Reed Hinkel, Vice President of Business Development for Intrinsic ID. “Intrinsic ID enables a perfect foundation for authentication and security, helping to protect valuable intellectual property, secure data transmission and connectivity and provide supply chain assurance for SoCs. As the need for strong digital security becomes pervasive, the business opportunity for the company is expanding and I’m excited to help Intrinsic ID scale its reach and impact.”

Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey And Quicklogic Australis

Press Release
QuickLogic Partners with Intrinsic ID to Provide eFPGA Security Solutions
QuickLogic announced that it has partnered with Intrinsic ID to provide security options for devices incorporating eFPGA technology. These options range from secure key generation based on SRAM PUF to full security solutions including bitstream encryption, key wrapping, authentication tags, key verification, and data encryption/decryption for storage within the device or for board or system-level communications.

“The collaboration between Intrinsic ID and QuickLogic has resulted in multiple solutions for SoC customers who wish to secure critical IP, entire designs, or even system-level communications,” said Mao Wang, senior marketing director at QuickLogic. “This security complements the flexibility inherent in eFPGA-based SoCs and is an excellent fit for a wide variety of industrial IoT and other applications including aerospace and defense.”

Newest Release QuiddiKey 4 X

Press Release
Intrinsic ID Optimizes SRAM PUF Security Technology for Advanced Process Nodes with QuiddiKey 4.x
Intrinsic ID announced the newest release of its flagship hardware IP product, QuiddiKey®. The new release is adapted to the needs of semiconductor designs targeting advanced process nodes. QuiddiKey 4.x provides additional security countermeasures, extended testability, and requires less non-volatile memory than previous versions. It is available immediately.

“The need for trusted, transparent, and scalable security solutions in the semiconductor industry has never been greater,” said Pim Tuyls, CEO of Intrinsic ID. “Specialized applications in data centers, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence push computing limits and are driving the new features of QuiddiKey. The new product offers security IP that is future-proof and does not require redesign as process nodes keep shrinking and designs become more complex.”

Hacker 16x9

Application Note
Secure Boot with QuiddiKey
Secure Boot is a widely used essential security feature of computing systems in general that is increasingly being deployed in embedded microcontrollers or MCUs as well. Secure Boot solutions focus on the initial stages out of system reset and aim to ensure trusted firmware and application code. This application note explains how to use QuiddiKey® as an integral part of a Secure Boot solution. By integrating the appropriate API calls during the first stages of boot, secure key storage can be added to the available boot flow. This then enables protection of confidential information such as application and user keys, as well as (part of) the actual boot code itself and application code. By using QuiddiKey, key material is no longer stored in the plain but is protected with physical unclonable function (PUF) technology, which greatly enhances security robustness against reverse engineering attacks.

OSM Webinar

Webinar on Demand
Secure Your Devices with PUF Plus Hardware Root of Trust
Technology experts from Rambus and Intrinsic ID discuss how combining PUF technology with a hardware Root of Trust can provide robust security for data and devices. The session starts with the fundamentals of PUFs and example use cases. Then we discuss how the characteristics of PUFs and a hardware Root of Trust provide protection against would-be attackers as well as ongoing security over the life of a device.

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