Corporate Overview

Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading digital authentication company and the inventor of SRAM Physical Unclonable Function or SRAM PUF. Intrinsic ID leverages inherent manufacturing variations in chips to create unique IDs and keys to authenticate chips, data, devices and systems. Since a unique ID can be extracted easily from SRAM with Intrinsic ID’s technology, adding authentication and key provisioning is much less expensive than with current methods; no additional hardware is needed. Due to the low cost of implementing SRAM PUF and the critical need for security, Intrinsic ID’s authentication technology is ideally positioned to address the needs of the fast-growing IoT market. Intrinsic ID’s solutions are used worldwide to validate payment systems, secure connectivity, authenticate sensors and protect sensitive government and military data and systems.

Why we are Unique

Intrinsic ID provides embedded authentication solutions based on SRAM Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology. Our solutions protect digital assets and intellectual property in the most secure, seamless, cost-effective manner.
Our mission is to authenticate everything and everyone and make the connected world safer. Our silicon SRAM PUF technology can be applied to almost any chip, from tiny microcontrollers to high performance FPGAs. Our fuzzy extractor can turn noisy data like a fingerprint or SRAM PUF into secure cryptographic keys and reliable identifiers.
We commit ourselves to develop security solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards and are easy to integrate. When working with our customers, we always aim to bring the best security solution for the specific use case. We strive to be innovative and pride ourselves on always delivering on promises made.