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Intrinsic ID to Showcase its Security Solutions at CES 2023

InfographicIntrinsic ID to Demonstrate the Full Range and Versatility of its PUF Technology for Security and Authentication of any Connected Device at World’s Biggest Tech Show while Celebrating a Very Successful 2022

SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 13, 2022 – Intrinsic ID, the world’s leading provider of physical unclonable function (PUF) technology for security and authentication applications in embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that it will be showcasing the full range and versatility of its PUF technology for device-level security and authentication applications at CES 2023.

Intrinsic ID will be part of the Next Level Innovations Pavilion, which will feature 30 of the most important scale-ups in a wide range of fields addressing some of today’s biggest challenges. While the market sectors vary, the one common factor among all the companies in the pavilion is that they are focused on impacting the world for the better. The Next Level Innovations Pavilion will be located at booth 55332 in the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas and is hosted by the Dutch Trade Mission.

“The Intrinsic ID solutions and technology enable security for any connected device, which aligns perfectly with the trends that we will be seeing at CES 2023. These trends include sustainability, digital health, electric vehicles, transportation, and mobility, which are all dependent on the trust we place in vast numbers of connected devices,” said Dr. Pim Tuyls, co-founder and CEO of Intrinsic ID. “We are looking forward to connecting with our customers and partners to demonstrate to them how we are able to provide security for the latest consumer electronic products that push the boundaries of what is possible and address big challenges.”

At CES 2023, Intrinsic ID is looking forward to briefing customers and partners on the company’s impressive progress in 2022 and demonstrating the full range of its PUF-based security, authentication, and identification solutions. Contact the company here to schedule one-on-one briefings with Intrinsic ID at CES 2023.

Intrinsic ID at CES 2023

Device-level security and authentication solutions from Intrinsic ID are used by world-leading semiconductor companies and device makers to ensure secure, trusted communications and operations. As technology advances, the need for robust, scalable security and authentication solutions is imperative. Here are the solutions that will be featured at the CES 2023:

  • QuiddiKey® – the flagship product from Intrinsic ID that is embedded in more than 450 million devices in the field and enables chip and device manufacturers to secure their products with internally generated device-unique cryptographic keys.
  • BK Software – BK is a secure root key generation and management software solution for IoT security that enables device manufacturers to secure their products with an internally generated, unique identity without the need for adding costly security-dedicated silicon.
  • Zign® RNG – a new product from Intrinsic ID that boosts trust in IoT devices by enabling device manufacturers and designers to add a NIST-certified random number generator to their products without the need for hardware modifications.

Over the past two decades, Intrinsic ID has built a solid foundation of trust with its SRAM-based PUFs to protect against security risks today and in the future and established itself as the worldwide leader in root of trust (RoT) solutions based on PUF. The Intrinsic ID solution creates “silicon fingerprints” that can be turned into cryptographic keys unique for the silicon on which they are derived and reliably reconstructed whenever needed by the system, without being stored in any form of memory, offering an RoT even on designs without any non-volatile memory.

About Intrinsic ID
Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading provider of security IP for embedded systems based on PUF technology. The technology provides an additional level of hardware security utilizing the inherent uniqueness in each and every silicon chip. The IP can be delivered in hardware or software and can be applied easily to almost any chip – from tiny microcontrollers to high-performance FPGAs – and at any stage of a product’s lifecycle. It is used as a hardware root of trust to protect sensitive military and government data and systems, validate payment systems, secure connectivity, and authenticate sensors.


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